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An appreciative management style

Although he looks serious and to some the title can be a bit scary, Bjarne excel in one basic discipline: acknowledging his employees.
Here is how he believes in managing a team consisting of people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds.

Finance, HR and business administration

Financial health and well being of the company

As Chief Financial Officer, Bjarne plays an important role in the company's financial operations. Along with the other executives and department managers, he make strategic decisions that shape the company's financial health and future direction.

When asked about his daily tasks and working approach, Bjarne emphasizes his commitment to forward-thinking financial planning. "My goal," he explains, "is to focus on finance planning and looking ahead instead of looking back." 

Bjarne oversees finance, HR, and administration, with his primary focus on finance. "Naturally, finance is one of the most crucial aspects for the board and owners," Bjarne affirms. He continues, "HR constitutes a significant portion of my responsibilities, and I find great satisfaction in it as it allows me to positively influence my colleagues' workday in a different manner."

“Forecasting, budgeting, and strategic planning take up much of my time, as these activities are paramount for our financial stability and growth. Fortunately, I have a capable team that handles various other tasks, lessening the need for me to be concerned about day-to-day accounting or ensuring immediate results,” Bjarne says.

There are numerous methods to guide people effectively. I merely, remember to acknowledge their good work as frequently as possible.

Bjarne Hansen- CFO
Reflection on past mistakes

Delegating tasks benefits everyone

As the team grows, so does the responsibility of managing it. Today, the Finance department consists of two Finance Controller, an HR Business Partner, a Receptionist, three student workers, and two Kitchen Assistans and a Facility Manager, a total of ten individuals. 

One of the Student Workers is from Lithuania, and about Bjarne as a manager she states: "It's my first job as a Student Worker in a company, and I never expected it to be managed by such a strong and motivated maagement team", Teja Greiciute says.

"Working here has instilled confidence in my abilities, allowing me to set higher goals and embrace new challenges without fear." She credits Bjarne, her manager, for his support and encouragement. "Bjarne always knows when to tap on your shoulder and say how proud he is of us,” she adds gratefully.

Bjarne reflects on his early years in management. "Looking back, I realize I made some common mistakes, like micromanaging and shouldering too many tasks myself," he admits. "Rather than delegating interesting tasks to my team, I often took them on myself, thinking they were challenging. Unfortunately, this approach left my team feeling demotivated, and me with too much work," he reflects with a smile, recognizing the valuable lessons he learned from those experiences.

Mistakes are learned over time. Now, Bjarne avoids micromanagement, leaves the responsibility to each employee with their own tasks, and tries to be available for guidance. “I try to make sure they take responsibility for their tasks, “he says.

Bjarne shares the valuable advice he received from his consultant during his previous work experience: "You should never express anger towards your employees because it doesn't benefit the company. Instead, find alternative ways to correct them. There are numerous methods to guide them effectively. Moreover, remember to acknowledge their good work as frequently as possible, on various occasions."

The way I see it, the linguistic challenges far outweight the advantage different cultures bring in to a team.

Bjarne Hansen- CFO
Language not a barrier

A Finance team with a lot of culture

The finance department is by far team with the highest number of international employees. You might wonder if that creates any problems. To that Bjarne replies:

"At every workplace I've been, there has been a tendency to think that fluency in Danish is a prerequisite when being in a Danish finance team. And of course, there is a fair share of involvement with government agencies and other stakeholders that necessitate proficiency in the Danish language,“ Bjarne admits. 

"However, upon joining DynamicWeb, my perspective shifted. My Student Worker when I joined was from Lithuania, his Danish wasn't perfect. Yet everything worked out seamlessly. Language was not a barrier at all. Later, I had an Intern from Slovakia who didn't speak Danish at all. When I proposed hiring her to the CEO, he was more than excited to onboard her. This experience taught me that embracing linguistic diversity is not only advantageous but also creates a diverse environment and an interesting culture with people from different backgrounds. As a result, we've committed to maintaining this approach."

Currently, the finance team at DynamicWeb has a Kitchen Assistant from Austria, an Employer Branding Student Worker from Brasil, and a Finance Student Worker from Moldova who handles Tax or VAT issues. This diverse composition has not posed any challenges. DynamicWeb has always been open and diverse in this sense.

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