Digital Asset Portal

Save time and optimize business processes with a Digital Asset Portal.

With a Digital Asset Portal (DAP) from DynamicWeb, you get a secure and user-friendly central repository and self-service portal for easily storing and sharing your data with internal and external stakeholders. 

Benefits of a Digital Asset Portal

24/7 access to high-quality product information and brand material.

Optimizing and time saving

Save time and provide faster and better service as you do not have to spent time on creating files and collecting assets to internal or external stakeholders. They just access the portal and can service themselves.

Easy self-service

No one will have to wait for product information or images. You simply provide a login to the portal and let your stakeholders access the information they want whenever the want it – providing an outstanding customer experience.

Brand control

Stay on top of your brand as your stakeholders will always access the lasted and updated material via the Digital Asset Portal. No more outdated files, images or videos stored on local files drives etc.

Improve customer experience

Share your product assets with ease!

In the Digital Asset Portal, you can share relevant up to date product data and assets such as product images, videos, PDFs and other documents.

In the download assets cart, the user can specify the product information in terms of language and export format (e.g. JSON, CSV, XML), image settings (resolution and format) and additional product assets (e.g. videos, user guides etc.) they wish to download. This makes it very easy to get the precise information and assets pertaining to the specific use case.

Quick and Easy Download


Select assets to download cart

  • Find products or asset via an order or a search and add them to download cart
  • Download cart show selected product and assets just like an eCommerce cart would show products

Choose format and language

  • Select language and file format for product information
  • For images, its possible to choose resolution depending on use case


  • Select download and images and product information is created on the fly
  • A download link will be sent to an email address, where the user can download a zip file containing all data

A Digital Asset Portal is ideal for B2B businesses, such as manufacturing and wholesale, but generally speaking, any organization that needs to manage and share digital content across multiple channels and stakeholders can benefit from using a digital asset portal to streamline their workflows and improve collaboration and communication.

Digital Asset Portal x Publications

Complete self-service for dealers, partners and sales teams

With Publications integrated into your Digital Asset Portal it is now easier than ever to create PDFs on the fly.

Create catalogs, data sheets and other inspiring sales material with just a few clicks. 

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