Fully customizable eCommerce Platform

Powerful eCommerce platform for B2B, B2C and D2C that easily integrates to your Microsoft ERP

Expand your online business and accelerate your digital transformation. DynamicWeb eCommerce is highly scalable and can be built using Swift or implemented headless via our powerful API’s.

eCommerce Platform Benefits

DynamicWeb scales your eCommerce and lets you wow your customers with great experiences.

Get a head start

Our unified platform with CMS, eCommerce, PIM and Marketing offers standard integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and ready-to-go storefront templates - reducing complexity and time-to-market.

eCommerce for all business strategies

Fully flexible eCommerce solution for B2B, B2C and D2C that’s never limited by customizations or complex requirements. Unify the critical components of your online strategy and innovate faster.

Headless eCommerce

Build rapidly and with complete freedom with Headless. Use the APIs for complete flexibility without the complexity, following the MACH (Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless) principles.

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Leverage ERP data to provide excellent, automated customer service

Enable your customers to access order history, re-ordering, invoices, RMA, sales assisted selling, address books and more. With the right integration setup, your business will gain operational efficiency and have newly unleashed potential to grow revenue.

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  • Why integrate? With return on investment scenarios
  • Which type of integration is best for different scenarios
  • Which data is best to integrate
Full flexibility to customize and extend where necessary

eCommerce capabilities you can count on

Standard integration to Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Connect to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system and use the ERP available rules, stock, customer pricing and discounts and much more to drive the best possible customer experience.

Self-service Portals

Enable customers to order & re-order through self-service portals and provide sales assisted selling for complex or customized products. Provide access to previous orders, product information, manuals, customer specific prices and much more.

Multiple storefronts

Handle and operate multiple brands and storefronts from the same solution. By choosing a completely flexible and scalable DynamicWeb solution, you greatly reduce complexity, maintenance, cost and frustration.

Sell to customers where they are

Launch campaigns and new channels cross border or via marketplaces and reach new customers where they are. Use DynamicWeb PIM to be compliant across countries and offer great product experiences.

Multi-language, currency, payments and taxes

With DynamicWeb, you get all relevant eCommerce functionality for driving a successful online business including efficient handling of languages, currency, payment and tax.

Internationalization by design

DynamicWeb is built to take your company global. With an international focus and the necessary features and functionality, you can scale your business across borders and reach customers in new markets.

Sell direct to Consumers & Businesses

DynamicWeb eCommerce highlights

Standard Microsoft Dynamics ERP connector

Create better customer experiences with data

Integrate your eCommerce with your ERP and CRM. By leveraging all available customer data, you can provide a better customer experience.

Create self-service customer portals by integrating with Microsoft Dynamics ERP or other ERP systems and enable your customers with access to previous orders, invoices, RMA, and customer-specific pricing. 

Have your sales prepare quotes or pre-filled shopping carts on behalf of the customer to create the best possible sales dialogue and services.

Online marketplaces

Enter new sales channels with ease

Simplify your global eCommerce by managing multiple brands and stores from one single platform and connect seamlessly to marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Walmart.

With the growth of online marketplaces and social media commerce you need to ensure that your brand and product information is accurate and complete across all channels. 

Express payment, shipping and tax handling

Benefit from standard connectors to leading payment, shipping and tax providers

Skip lengthy integration projects and start selling faster. DynamicWeb offers standard, ready-made connectors to a number of leading payment, shipping and tax providers, including PayPal, Authorize.Net, Quickpay, AltaPay + UPS, United Postal Service, Avalara, GLS and Postnord.

Accelerator - DynamicWeb Swift

Build faster with DynamicWeb Swift

With DynamicWeb Swift, you get ready-to-launch storefronts with standard plug-and-play design templates. Everything in Swift is built on best-practices to ensure optimal look and feel.

Swift features a drag and drop visual editor for non-coders, which reduce risk and empower you to go live fast as it makes it easy to build and configure beautiful websites in no time.

Go headless

Headless eCommerce through APIs

Build rapidly and with complete freedom with Headless. Use our management APIs for complete flexibility without the complexity, following the MACH (Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless) principles.

Headless gives you 100% design freedom and a clear separation of front-end and back-end functionality through APIs. Use implementation stacks like React, Vue, Angular, Web Components etc.

Headless can be combined with other DynamicWeb front-end tactics.

Customer success story: Lindab

B2B eCommerce with Dynamics AX and product configuration for 35 subsidiaries in 31 countries

Simplifying complex ordering by enabling customers to upload technical drawings that generates a bill of materials that can be processed as a standard eCommerce order.

eCommerce Suite built with MACH principles

Composable eCommerce with total flexibility and without unnecessary complexity

Any new or replacement solution needs to fit your existing ecosystem of technology solutions.

With the DynamicWeb APIs you can be ensured that DynamicWeb will seamlessly fit your commerce & Product Information needs. 

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