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Wholesalers are facing a constant battle against the external changes that influence the industry such as new market entrants, channel diversification, and changing customer expectations. To meet the emerging demands, you need features such as custom reporting, omnichannel ordering, and full visibility into your product inventory.

DynamicWeb integrates with your existing systems, offering flexible solutions that provide a frictionless buying experience with the right insights to deliver quotes and personalized offers.


100% Customizable eCommerce

eCommerce & PIM features that fit wholesalers

Discover the DynamicWeb Commerce Suite that accelerates digital commerce capabilities empowering you to deliver a superior customer experience with greater profitability. We identified the top features in wholesale:

Impersonation for B2B customers

Your product catalog can be complex and/or extensive and you need to be able to support your customer in their purchase. For that, we have the ‘impersonation’ function that enables you to pre-fill the shopping cart for the customer so they have exactly what they need. The customer can then check and purchase when they are ready to. Offering the best of both worlds; on- and offline!

Customer-specific pricing

An ERP-integrated eCommerce solution empowers you to display custom prices and inventory in real-time and provide easy access to product data. Remove all complexity by using your ERP as the single source of truth and experience the ease of delivering personalized offers based on CRM and ERP available data.

Control of product data

To deliver easy-to-find, rich and accurate product data is extremely important. You MUST enable your customers to quickly and efficiently find what they need. That means you need to take control of your product information.

True B2B Commerce Cloud

Focus on your core business knowing that your solution is always running. Deploying your eCommerce solution in the DynamicWeb Cloud is the best and most reliable way to optimize your uptime.

Customer success story: Toi-Toys

Achieving lightning fast, scalable product management

With DynamicWeb CMS and PIM, Toi-Toys is able to quickly add new product information, provide greater support to sales and marketing teams, all while remaining compliant with industry laws and regulations.

B2B & D2C capabilities for Wholesale

Benefits we deliver to Wholesalers

Wholesalers are experiencing intense disruption. As consumer behavior and expectations shift, B2B eCommerce leaders must rethink their approach to selling online and focus on creating tailored digital experiences that will set them up for long-term success.

At DynamicWeb, we enable wholesalers to deliver better digital customer experiences and to scale eCommerce success through our cloud-based eCommerce Suite with industry-specific features such as:

Unique product recommendation

Drive awareness and increase sales by delivering dynamic data-driven product recommendations, cross- and upsells to new and existing customers. For instance, you can utilize the built-in promotions and customer data. Having all your CRM, ERP and PIM data combined in one platform enables you to automate and target your messages, content and deals to every unique visitor and/or customer of yours. DynamicWeb's eCommerce Suite offers built-in PIM to streamline and automate internal workflows and processes. Managing your product data has never been easier.

Customer-specific services

Deliver a superior customer experience by providing transparency and easy-to-use customer services, such as customer portals with personalized pricing, invoices, shipment status, on- and offline order history. You can even empower your customers to create order templates to easily add recurring orders straight into their shopping carts. With integration to your ERP, deliver a positive experience by automatically notifying when sold-out items will be back in stock or offer similar products to maximize shopping cart value.

Rich & accurate product information will drive traffic and sales

30%+ of all visitors use the site search on webshops. These visitors typically convert 1.8x more than those visitors using alternative forms of navigation. However, one of the biggest challenges for modern eCommerce shops is to understand the behavior of customers during their visit to the website. A crucial factor to deliver a good user experience is to optimize the site search function and thus increasing your online sale. DynamicWeb delivers tools such as synonyms, spelling checker, and plural searches to optimize site search to support customers on their buyer's journey.

A+ content for customer loyalty

The ugly truth of todays eCommerce market is that industries are emerging and you’re only competing with your peers, but competitors like online marketplaces are emerging. To compete with Amazon, wholesalers will need more than the shopping cart functionality. Here's where content helps you stand out. Besides technical product information and spec sheets, your customers most likely want other helpful content resources that enable them to evaluate your goods and better understand why to choose you and how to get the most value of your offerings after the purchase. And of course, focusing on content marketing will generate the SEO benefits that assist customers in finding your site in the first place

Scalability – build to grow with your business

DynamicWeb cloud-native solutions can dramatically decrease cost and complexity. Because we’re cloud-based, you don’t have to wear the cost of hosting and maintaining servers on site. The DynamicWeb Commerce Suite is built for the wholesale industry and is highly scalable. The ERP integrated solution synchronizes key data across your DynamicWeb solution and your ERP, such as inventory, prices, sales taxes, multi-subsidiary customers and locations, as well as master products. All transactions in DynamicWeb correspond to a financial transaction in your ERP. Moreover, DynamicWeb can integrate to a long list of add-ons, including integrations with PIM, ERPs and other relevant platforms. Visit the DynamicWeb Marketplace to know more.

Full Self-Service Customer Portal

Show customer-specific pricing, invoices, shipment status, on- and offline order history with rich product information. Let customers create order templates to easily add recurring orders straight into their shopping carts. Inform when sold-out items will be back in stock or offer similar products to maximize shopping cart value. In other words, empower your customers to interact with your business how and when they want. With tight integration to your ERP system, you'll be able to easily transfer the complex pricing structures built in your ERP into your online sales environment. DynamicWeb’s platform delivers an ERP integrated eCommerce solution that empowers you to start selling with a fully functioning storefront that works on all devices at all times.

Know your customers' digital buyer behavior

Why you need more than a shopping cart

As B2B buyers shop through distributors like Amazon, they expect digital services when doing business with you. Having an eCommerce site with a “Buy Now” button and a shopping cart is not enough to satisfy any customer accustomed to extensive self-service, and personalized experience when they shop online. 

We guide you, step-by-step, on how to deliver more than a shopping cart.

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