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DynamicWeb Roadmap

This is the DynamicWeb Roadmap - a general, high-level, overview of features our development team is currently working on, as well as features that are in our future pipeline.

The Roadmap offers insight into where our composable commerce platform is going and what state the different features are currently in.

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In Progress

"In progress" refers to features where development has begun.​


"Upcoming" refers to features that are currently being planned and scoped, but where development has not yet begun.​​

The DynamicWeb Roadmap: Last updated on April 3, 2023

In progress

Enhanced headless

  • We are adding more functionality to headless endpoints in order to support more DynamicWeb features, including impersonation, address management, favorites, forms and more.
  • Target release: End of H1, 2023

Publications (Printable Papers v2)

  • With Publications, you can automate the process of creating product sheets, price lists and other print articles with auto-generated data from PIM using SWIFT and Visual Editor.
  • Target release: End of H1, 2023

Shipmondo integration

  • We are introducing a standard eCommerce integration to the Shipmondo shipping hub. Shipmondo will also be built into DynamicWeb Swift for easy implementation.
  • Target release: End of H1, 2023

OData connector to Microsoft Dynamics Suite

  • As an alternative to the current SOAP based plug-in unit API we are introducing an OData connector to Microsoft Dynamics suite (Business Central, Finance & Operations, CRM)
  • Target release: End of H1, 2023

OData presets for Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Turnkey data mappings and requests package for: Business Central, Finance & Operations and CRM
  • Target release: End of H1, 2023


  • Easier overview of what extensions/plugins that is installed, and which versions is installed, as well as which extensions has available updates.
  • Target release: End of H1, 2023


Configurable discount and pricing rules

  • Enabling setup of advanced discount and pricing rules directly in DynamicWeb without having to do custom coding.
  • Target release: End of H2, 2023

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