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Boost sales with an eCommerce solution designed for Manufacturers

DynamicWeb offers an eCommerce platform for manufacturers that enable easy online ordering, self-service and modern customer experiences.

Empower your customers with 24/7 convenience to research products, place orders and manage their account on their schedule. With seamless connections into key applications like ERP, PIM and CRM you can offer the best personalized commerce and customer experience possible.

eCommerce features for Manufacturers

The DynamicWeb Commerce Suite has many features allowing manufacturers to create the best possible eCommerce experience. We've identified top eCommerce features for manufacturers:

Customer portals for self-service and spare parts

Enable your customers to get what they need, when they need it without the need to wait to connect with their account manager. Your customers will get access to their order history, invoices, RMA, custom product info and much more.

Pre-ordering and Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

With the DynamicWeb impersonation feature you can easily help your customer by preparing a quote or order for them so they can review and complete the order at their convenience. This feature is key in make-to-order sales and more complex order processes.

Full ERP and eCommerce integration

Integrate eCommerce with your ERP to access customer specific pricing, assortments, inventory, part lists and other ERP data. DynamicWeb integrates with virtually any ERP solution and includes standard integration connectors to Micosoft Dynamics 365 F&O, Business Central, AX and NAV.

International eCommerce made easy

With eCommerce allowing you to expand your business internationally, you need to be able to support regional rules, currencies, languages, and more. DynamicWeb eCommerce enables you to expand your sales region globally, making it easy to follow the regional rules and allowing you to reach a bigger audience.

Customer success story: Ambu

Global B2B manufacturer using DynamicWeb eCommerce and PIM for handling complex product data

The solution has strengthened Ambu's brand identity and market position, and effectively reduced the amount of manual and time-consuming resources spent on updating product information.

B2B & D2C capabilities for Manufacturers

A customizable and robust eCommerce platform built for manufacturers

DynamicWeb enables manufacturers to deliver better digital customer experiences and scale eCommerce success through our cloud-based Commerce suite.

Customer self-service portals

Enable your customers to get what they need when they need it! With a self-service portal, customers can access customer specific prices, custom catalogs, view order history, invoices, RMA, custom product info and download technical data sheets, relevant part lists, etc. A customer self-service portal enable your business to run 24/7, scale your eCommerce success and offer a better commerce experience while reducing the pressure on your sales force.

ERP-integrated eCommerce built for Manufacturers

Integrate with your ERP to access customer specific pricing, assortments, inventory, part lists and other ERP data. DynamicWeb includes standard integration connectors to Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O, Business Central, AX and NAV. An ERP-powered eCommerce solution allows manufacturers to show custom prices and inventory in real-time to clients, and provide easy access to product information with e.g. datasheets for download. DynamicWeb is ideal for lead generation because its high-performing site structure is optimized to get high-ranking search results, so customers and search engines like Google can find your products online.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) integration

For make-to-order products, configure-price-quote (CPQ) is essential to an excellent B2B customer experience. CPQ provides a solution to guide sales reps or customers to build orders based on rules to ensure order accuracy. With a CPQ application, every possible configuration, price and discount can be specified. DynamicWeb integrates to leading CPQ solutions like Experlogix. Your customers will experience a personalized and convenient service only having to check and accept their pre-filled cart.

Improve eCommerce success

To generate leads, you must deliver what your prospects expect. Today's buyers want to research, shop and order on their terms, time and device of their choice. They want self-service. By automating your business with a self-service website and maybe even a customer personalized storefront, you will meet and exceed your customers’ expectations. DynamicWeb offers the right features to help manage the best possible customer experience. Starting at product data from the Product Information Management solution connected with your ERP system, going into marketplaces or your own eCommerce environment from where you can manage and automate the best possible customer experience through the Digital Marketing features DynamicWeb offers.

Scales with your business

No matter the structure and nature of your business, we’ve got you covered. DynamicWeb eCommerce enables you to comply with local legislation and regulations and handle multiple currencies, languages and more in one solution. Dynamic is built to accommodate B2B, B2C and D2C models and allows you to scale your business – easy and safe. With real-time dashboards, you can keep a steady hand on the wheel by monitoring your site traffic, order conversion and sales. DynamicWeb's native solution runs as a scalable application in the cloud. It scales frictionless over time and during moments of peak sales.

Built-in Product Information Management

Help the product managers and the marketing team with the built-in product information management (PIM) solution. Use the quality report to ensure that all products carry enriched and accurate product information. Enrich product information in bulk with accurate product data coming from relevant data sources. Deliver the right product data to your ecosystem to enable your partners, distributors and retailers to sell via marketplaces and other sales channels. Utilize multiple sales channels by integrating your DynamicWeb PIM to top marketplaces like eBay, Amazon and many more with tailored assortments and prices.

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