PIM - Product Information Management

Enrich and manage product data across channels

DynamicWeb PIM is a powerful single-source-of-truth (SSoT) engine that allows you to consolidate, enrich and validate product data in one place and publish to any channel to deliver consistent and engaging product experiences everywhere.

All your products - one PIM

Optimize your product experience, everywhere!

Streamline Product Management

Manage all of your product information in one place and publish everywhere. Ensure quality with built-in rules, workflows and dashboards for every role in the product enrichment process.

Scale and Optimize

Automate product updates in bulk and across entire categories based on your definitions. Easily manage hundreds of thousands of products across multiple languages, pulling master data and pricing from your ERP.

Omnichannel Selling

Connect your product feeds to online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and share data with your partners and automate production of PDFs and catalogs.

The PIM process

Maintain, overview and automate your product enrichment flow

DynamicWeb PIM gives you full control and overview of your product enrichment flow and the necessary tools to effectively maintain your product information. DynamicWeb PIM can be used as a stand-alone solution or as part of DynamicWeb Suite.


Simplify the process of onboarding data from different sources, internal and external, and create a powerful single-source-of-truth (SSoT) for your product information.


Enrich your product information with text, images, videos, and tailor your content with translations to drive conversions and offer a better product experience.


Streamline your content distribution across channels, including eCommerce, instore, mobile, print, marketplaces, suppliers, dealers, and data pools.


Get data-driven insights to evaluate the quality of your product information across your platforms, to optimize sales in all channels.

Streamline your products

Key capabilities to manage your products more efficiently

Edit products in bulk

Quickly handle descriptions, digital assets, translations and product relationships on multiple products at once.

Product asset management

Enrich products with images, videos, and PDFs to enhance the product experience and maintain brand consistency across channels.

Quick import / Export ready

Easily export your products to Excel, edit in bulk, and re-import or share with partners and distributors. Bulk import new products instantly.

Workflows with completeness rules

Ensure product data quality and consistency with role-based workflows and dashboards with effective completeness rules.

Fast to implement

Because PIM is included in the DynamicWeb platform, it's pre-integrated with your eCommerce module. Setup is as simple as importing your most up-to-date product information and defining product relationships.

Integrate with Marketplaces

DynamicWeb PIM integrates with marketplaces via Channable or ChannelAdvisor to unify orders across all your online channels.

Integrate to online data pools

Automate enrichment processes by subscribing to online data pools such as Icecat, GS1 or other to get supplier validated product information.

Custom catalogs with EasyCatalog

Enable customers or partners to generate personalized product catalogs with real-time data in a single click. Feed product data, pricing and images into your design application like Adobe InDesign.

Product insights

Get actionable insights to evaluate the quality of your product information. Identify areas of concern and monitor product performance across all categories, brands and companies.

Scale through automation

Scale faster with AI and seamless translation capabilities!

Elevate and accelerate your PIM strategy with AI-generated content and built-in translation functionality, transforming the way you manage and present product information.

Generate compelling product descriptions and accurate specifications effortlessly and fast with integrated AI features. Plus, streamline your global operations with seamless translation functionality. Break language barriers, reach new markets, and ensure consistency across diverse audiences. 

Request a demo and see for yourself how automation can accelerate your business processes.


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Building a PIM business case

Calculate your PIM project

Are you considering implementing a Product Information Management (PIM) system, but unsure of the business case and which valuables to include?

While the business benefits of a Product Information Management (PIM) system are numerous, building a business case to support implementing a PIM system can be difficult. There are many variables to include; number of SKUs, product fields, languages, business drivers etc.

We've saved you the trouble!

Use our free tools; PIM ROI Calculator or PIM Project Estimator, to get a head start and to learn how DynamicWeb PIM can help reduce costs, optimize processes and increase revenue. 


DynamicWeb PIM and the Digital Product Passport

Are you ready for the Digital Product Passport? If the answer is no, it might be time to start the conversation and find the right solution for you and your business.

A PIM system can play a crucial role in helping companies comply with the new Digital Product Passport (DPP) requirements and ensure the correct data is always available and up-to-date, safely stored and effectively distributed.

Reporting & compliance

Leveraging PIM for compliance requirements

Having a robust approach to data management is a crucial part of reporting and compliance – particularly around Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting.

A Product Information Management (PIM) system can play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with various regulations and standards. By centralizing data, ensuring accuracy and consistency, providing audit trails, and integrating with other compliance tools, a PIM system can significantly support an organization's compliance initiatives.

Save time on sharing product data and images

Digital Asset Portal

Our Digital Asset Portal saves you time, by enabling you to share digital assets easily with customers, partners and internally through a portal based on DynamicWeb PIM and CMS.

The Digital Asset Portal enable users to quickly overview, select and download the specific information and assets they need. Digital Asset Portal is built on DynamicWeb PIM and requires no integration to set up.


Automate & accelerate print production

DynamicWeb Publications

Publications and PIM are a match made in heaven. DynamicWeb Publications automates the process of creating professional PDF documents, such as data sheets, price lists and catalogs. 

Using Dynamicweb PIM to collect, store, enrich, and efficiently distribute your product information to the relevant channels – including Publications, you can easily make your products stand out in print with all the relevant data included. 

Customer Success Story: Lauridsen Solutions

Handling 5,000+ spare parts across 3 international websites

"We now have a single solution with two PIM warehouses and three webshops. Every system talks together, and it's very important to me that I only have to control all the different companies in one place."

- Daniel Blicher Lauridsen, Marketing Project Manager, Lauridsen

Reduce time spent on product updates

Increase efficiency

Manage product information across departments, systems and even partners with ease.

With DynamicWeb PIM, you can reduce the time spent managing product information and stop digging through spreadsheets. PIM allows you to manage product data workflows across departments, product versioning, inheritance, categories, bulk edits and fast imports and exports.

Conversions start with rich product information

Accurate and rich product data fuels better customer experiences and increase conversions

Managing product data across channels is no easy task. Each channel needs different information and when it's lacking or inaccurate, sales and revenue can be negatively impacted at scale.

The DynamicWeb PIM solution makes it possible to easily deliver the information needed across channels to optimize your product presentation, whether it's on your own storefront, across brands, or marketplaces.

Control your product information quality

Customizable product information workflows and dashboards

When you manage hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of products across multiple departments or suppliers, it's not a matter of if errors occur, but when.

Control product information quality and accuracy with customizable rules and dashboards to ensure you have constant visibility over your entire product ecosystem.

Connect products to marketplaces

Omnichannel selling made easy

Connect your products to third-party marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart and thousands more. Sync orders across your sales channels with pre-built integrations to Channable and Channel Advisor to ensure all orders flow seamlessly between your channels and your ERP.

All of your products - in one PIM

Optimize your product experience, everywhere!

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