Solutions for Horticulture and Agriculture

Unified eCommerce for Horticulture & Agriculture

Horticulture and Agriculture operations have gone digital - leveraging more efficient ways to add value to the supply chain and deliver on time-sensitive promises.

DynamicWeb helps growers, producers and distributors sell their products faster, maximize revenue per yield, and empower customers with better ordering capabilities.

DynamicWeb integrates with your existing systems, offering flexible, seamless solutions that connect into key applications like ERP and CRM.


Grow your eCommerce

Features fit for growers and producers

Discover the flexible DynamicWeb Commerce Suite that combines user-friendly design with features that keep up with ever changing market demands. We've identified the top features for agriculture and horticulture supply chains:

Shipping date-based ordering

Provide an online purchasing experience that reflects your customers' unique buying needs, like browsing for products by shipping date availability, seasonality, bloom time, features, USDA Hardiness Zone, and many more. Enable immediate transparency into harvest adjustments, seasonal promotions, compliance requirements, and specialty shipping options.

Multiple shopping carts and self-service

Enable customers to work on their terms and manage multiple orders. For example, purchasing day-to-day assortments while building future orders for seasonal campaigns. Empower wholesale customers with their own secure portal for order visibilty, re-ordering, payment terms, document sharing, and more.

Data to grow profit margins

Connected systems enable you to support the entire product and customer journey, including production, website, marketing, purchasing, ERP and CRM. Harness the data from the entire customer lifecycle and optimize your operations based on well-informed, data-driven decisions.

Product recommendations and promotions

Maximize your revenue per yield with recommendations and promotions based on seasonality, customer behaviors, purchase histories, geography, complementary products, inventory levels and more.

Customer success story: McHutchison

B2B NAV eCommerce with self-service and customer-specific pricing

Customers are placing more orders via the website. They are able to self-service adjustments to their open orders and also use the reporting capabilities to make business decisions for future orders.

Grow and expand your sales channels

Driving digital for growers & producers

Expand your sales channels and empower customers with online purchasing options.

Provide rich product details and documentation

Enable customers to find and order products by any product detail, including seasonal periods, product features, USDA Hardiness Zone, bloom time, restrictions, and much more. Support your distribution and retail networks with "Find a retailer" or "Find a vendor" features to guide end-customers to your products.

Unleash the power of your ERP

The DynamicWeb eCommerce Suite is built to integrate with your ERP and other back-end systems. The ERP integrated solution synchronizes key sales and customer data across your DynamicWeb solution and your ERP, such as inventory, prices, sales taxes, multi-subsidiary customers and locations, as well as master products. All transactions in DynamicWeb correspond to a financial transaction in your ERP.

Enable better planning, ordering and payment options for customers

Your customers need to know exactly which products they can buy, how much, and when. With DynamicWeb, buyers can find products by shipping date availability, view inventory in real-time, get transparency into adjustments, and plan better around seasonal timeframes. Enable your customers to research and order at their convenience, 24/7, with complete self-service. Design the user experience around their ordering requirements, whether it's through a shopping cart, grid view, customer portal or digital order form.

Connect systems that support the entire customer journey

By connecting systems from your website, sales orders, marketing, ERP and CRM, you can provide better, more efficient processes for both customers and employees. Enables customers to engage with your brand with relevant, personalized experiences in real-time without having to wait on a sales rep. Provide complete self-service capabilities like custom pricing, order visibility, delivery status, flexible payment methods, and inventory availability.

Expand your sales and marketing outlets

Gone are they days where growers and producers sold exclusively to a handful of distributors. With eCommerce, farmers and growers can open their doors to additional markets with a more inviting and more accessible ordering portal that's customized for each customer type. Maximize your revenue per yield by diversifying your sales operations and selling to all types of customers, whether they're distributors, retailers, restaurants or end-consumers.

Make data-driven decisions and improve profit margins

Because of its digital nature, eCommerce unleashes valuable new levels of sales and customer data. Connected with your ERP and CRM solutions, your business gains visibility across every level of its operations to increase topline revenue and maximize profits margins.

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