Growing crops, plants and profit

How Horticulture is leveraging eCommerce.

eCommerce has permeated just about every wholesale industry. The same goes for Agriculture and Horticulture verticals, who face similar sales challenges as manufacturers and wholesalers, but on even more sensitive timeframes.

It’s nearly impossible to name an industry that hasn’t been impacted by digital transformation. Agriculture and horticulture are no exception. While agriculture industries have long used technology to maximize crop yields and manage operations, they are now applying eCommerce to their sales processes in order to accommodate customer preferences for digital purchasing.

Just like manufacturers, farmers and growers must address increasing competition and shrinking profit margins. After all, you are producers too! So, whether you grow corn or flowers, your business has a lot to gain by expanding your sales channels and better engaging your buyers with eCommerce for agriculture organizations.

Key takeaways: 

  • Benefits of eCommerce for Agriculture and Horticulture
  • How does DynamicWeb eCommerce empower agriculture and horticulture industries?
  • McHutchison: B2B NAV eCommerce with self-service and customer-specific pricing
  • Gasa Group: B2B eCommerce with NAV, 60 million prices, 1500 dealers in 117 countries

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