Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM)

Put your operational website data to work and connect your brick-and-mortar processes to the digital world with DynamicWeb and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Integration.

Combine DynamicWeb's Composable Commerce solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to simplify customer data handling and sales processes by controlling your customer data in one place - updated seamless and in real-time.

Standard OData Connector

Leveraging Microsoft's Rest API technology protocol OData, our connector allows you to integrate to Dynamics 365 with ease, saving you time and money and enabling you to get your eCommerce project of the ground in no time. Our API-first approach ensures that no additional third-party code is added to your ERP solution.

Composable Commerce Suite

The DynamicWeb Commerce Suite includes CMS, eCommerce, Digital Marketing and PIM, and offers the perfect platform to build and scale your eCommerce journey.

Business Process Optimization

Reduce admin time with real-time or batch automated transfer of data between your website and D365 Sales and reduce 'human error' factor by having one master record.

Drive more sales

Empower your sales team with key customer data for segmentation and targeting that enable faster response times and shorter sales cycles.

Collect data and personalize the online experience

CRM integration is important for gaining customer insights, which can be used for personalizing the online experience - through targeted content, product recommendations and other suggestions. Make your website more relevant and increase conversions.

Integrated digital marketing

With DynamicWeb, all of your content, users and customer behavioral and transactional data are at your finger tips. Improve your email marketing flow and optimize performance through automation.

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Exploring the Experiential: 7 Keys to Creating the Best Online Customer Experience Possible

Customer experience defines the competitive advantage even more than price does these days. As the number of online vendor and retailer options grows - all available at the click of a button - customer expectations have skyrocketed. Get the 7 essential keys you need to create web experiences that amaze your customers and exceed their demands.

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