Optimize your business with a integrated webshop

To maximize the efficiency of your business processes, it is crucial to have a smooth integration between your eCommerce and your ERP.

With the DynamicWeb platform, you are able to build an integration to which ensures that product data, prices, etc. are transferred correctly from your webshop to, which in turn receives order data and sends invoices and credit notes back to DynamicWeb.

Partners offering a standard connector

The standard connector from Flexmedia is flexible and scalable, and can be customised to the customer's specific requirements and business processes. Visit Flexmedia and read more about the connector.

Integrations are often a major investment to implement, but also to maintain. With Flexmedia's standard connector, you can easily and quickly connect DynamicWeb and This connector eliminates development costs and ensures stable operation for our mutual customers, which is why I see it as a natural part to implement when you want to connect your and DynamicWeb.

Torben Jeppesen, Team Lead, Visma Cloud ERP

Integrate your eCommerce and ERP

Unlock the potential of your eCommerce and ERP by connecting DynamicWeb and Experience the efficiency, accuracy, and growth opportunities that come with a seamlessly integrated business ecosystem.

Flexible and scalable integration

Should a need arise, the integration can be customized to meet your specific requirements and business processes, provided they are otherwise functionally supported in

Save time and minimize risk

By automating the transfer of orders, invoices and other information between DynamicWeb and, you can reduce internal workload, simplify processes and free up resources for other important tasks.

Create a consistent customer experience

Combine real-time customer specific data such as prices, discounts, terms etc. with a seamless eCommerce experience and delight even the most complex customers with 24/7 self-service handling of orders, re-orders, returns and more across all channels.

Build with APIs

Our API-first approach ensures that no additional third-party code is added to your ERP solution. Thanks to our light footprint, we can provide bi-directional access to with live and batch mode connectivity.

Leverage data and build stronger relationships

With live data, you always deliver customer-specific prices, discounts and campaigns in the right currency, This allows you to personalize communication to your customers and build stronger customer relationships.

Customer Success Story: Erik Larsen & Søn

Erik Larsen & Søn turns product data into a competitive advantage

In order to better structure and distribute product data, the Danish manufacturing company chose a DynamicWeb PIM (Product Information Management) and webshop solution integrated to, which enables them to work with master data, customer-specific prices and discounts across their retailers and marketplaces. All handled in one platform and with one integration in a simple and flexible setup.

Now, Erik Larsen & Søn structures and distributes their product data, optimizes their internal business processes and gives their customers a better buying experience. All from a single solution.

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