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DynamicWeb solution with B2B and B2C eCommerce with PIM

Erik Larsen & Søn strengthens their digital presence with a customized webshop solution.

More than 80 years ago, in 1939, Erik Larsen opened its doors to a world of high-quality iron and steel. Ever since, they have been supplying innovative profile solutions, steel joints, pipes and fittings for fall protection, weldless and drill-free joining of steel beams and the construction of flexible rail systems for Danish construction, civil engineering and industry.

The Challenge

Optimizing B2B eCommerce

Erik Larsen & Søn strengthens their digital presence with a customized webshop solution.

Erik Larsen & Søn wanted to strengthen the digitalization of their company and implement an advanced and user-friendly webshop solution aimed at B2B customers. The goal was to: 

  • Provide customers with better and faster service on a personalized digital platform.
  • Make it easy for customers to see their own prices and associated quotes for various construction projects.
  • Give customers easy access to complete and correct master data on all products.
  • Allow customers to create different departments and assign employees to them and let customers manage their employees' rights themselves.
The Solution

A solution that addresses complex challenges

For Erik Larsen & Søn, the requirements for a future solution were different: 

  • The solution had to be able to handle customer-specific prices based on different parameters, including customer groups and customers, etc. In addition, it had to be able to handle different types of discounts and individual agreements.
  • A quote functionality where customers can request customized quotes based on specific needs and larger volumes of tender documents.
  • There should be different levels of account access where an administrator at Erik Larsen & Son's customer can create employees and assign them different rights, e.g. whether they can see prices, what assortment they can see, addresses they can order to, etc.
  • It should be possible to manage and present technical product data, delivered from PIM, with automated categorization of new products from ERP, inheritance of attributes and product filters transferred to eCommerce.

With Dynamicweb eCommerce as a solution, Erik Larsen & Søn has taken the step towards an advanced B2B webshop that meets the complex challenges of pricing and customer management. This innovative platform allows customers to customize prices and offers based on customer groups, product categories and volume. At the same time, the company has introduced an admin tool that gives customers control over user rights, creating a personalized experience. From price queries to favorite lists and seller support, Erik Larsen & Søn has developed a digital infrastructure that exceeds customer expectations.

We want to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience when shopping at a time that suits them. Therefore, we need to ensure that product data is always complete, accurate and easily accessible, and that they can easily and intuitively find the right products at the right prices. At the same time, our customers have different wishes about what rights their different user types should have. 

The Result

Optimized B2B webshop: Personalized Prices and User Rights

The result is a user-friendly webshop with a PIM system where customers can see the right prices and control which employees have access to the webshop and what rights they have. There are favorite lists that can be customized according to the customer's wishes. 

With streamlined product data management from PIM, the company is able to present customers with accurate and comprehensive information across their webshops. This has not only increased the efficiency of business processes, but has also strengthened the customer experience and paved the way for more competitive B2B commerce in the construction industry.


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