Digital Marketing Automation for eCommerce

Grow your Business with digital marketing

Drive traffic to your website and generate more sales with DynamicWeb's integrated digital marketing tool.

Build and execute automated email campaigns, promotions and flows using existing content, products, blog posts and more and connect with your customers through engaging, consistent messaging, before and after checkout.

eCommerce Marketing Automation

Improve customer experiences at scale through digital marketing

Personalized Email Marketing

Personalize all email communications with cross-platform data and automate email campaigns based on customer behaviors and triggers. Design targeted email campaigns to keep customers engaged.

End-to-end eCommerce experience

Optimize the customer experience before and after checkout with better online visibility, content, promotions, abandoned cart reminders, and follow-up content.

Leverage Data

Leverage data from website behavior, purchase history, ERP and CRM data to deliver personalized content across all devices and channels.

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Drive more sales through integrated eCommerce email marketing

Did you know email marketing is still cited as the #1 most effective tactic for customer retention? Learn how you can increase your revenue by more than 20% by using pairing email marketing with your eCommerce strategy.

Learn how to:

  • Personalize content that drives more sales
  • Use promotions for improved customer retention
  • Re-activate abandoned shopping carts
  • Build an attractive loyalty program
The Essentials

Engage customers with automated promotions and campaigns

B2B and B2C customer experiences

The established benefits of eCommerce marketing in retail have proven just as effective in B2B industries. Now you can design customer experiences for both, all in one platform.

Simplify your workflow

Re-use content from your eCommerce and avoid copy/paste workflows across various platforms. Re-use customer specific prices, discounts and other pre-sets.

Target your campaigns

Search customer purchase history and create more relevant campaigns, generate voucher codes on the fly and more. Integrate with ERP and CRM to create specific customer-group campaigns.

Automated email marketing

Launch email campaigns automatically based on customer behavioral triggers like abandoned shopping carts, product purchases, website behavior and more.

Generate leads

Build beautiful campaign landing pages with 'recommended' products, compelling forms and CTAs to generate leads and collect customer permissions.

Integrate to your existing stack

With DynamicWeb, you are never limited or restricted, and you are able to add any preferred tool to your stack via our API integration framework.

Build customer loyalty

DynamicWeb Digital Marketing for eCommerce


Use DynamicWeb as your Marketing Communication engine

With DynamicWeb, you get a powerful Marketing Communication (MarCom) engine, including an essential email marketing tool integrated directly in the platform. If you need to integrate other marketing tools to your stack, this is handled easily through our APIs. With DynamicWeb, you get zero lock-in and full flexibility.

Integrate to Salesforce, Leadfeeder, MailChimp and other marketing tools and create the solution that works for you. Discover available extensions in our ever growing Marketplace.

Customer success story: Europcar

Booking portal with CRM integration and booking engine boost online turnover to index 116%

Combined with a major SEO improvement showing a 17% increase in organic traffic combined with 18% more new visitors and finally a 20% decline in rejection rate.

Integrated email marketing

Support your business with integrated email marketing

Fuel your growth and build a loyal customer base with integrated email marketing functionality.

With DynamicWeb Marketing, you get an essential email marketing tool integrated directly in the DynamicWeb platform. This allows you to create your own newsletter designs - or enjoy ready-to-go newsletter templates in DynamicWeb Swift.

Experiences that generates revenue

Create coherent and relevant customer journeys that generate value

Reach your customers with targeted newsletters using specific vouchers, campaigns and promotions, and build beautiful landing pages that engage and convert. Combine your marketing strategy with a DynamicWeb eCommerce solution, and you will be able to create coherent brand experiences that your customers will love.

Great customer experiences

Great online experiences customized to your customers' requirements.

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