The B2B eCommerce checklist

Is your B2B eCommerce solution meeting your customers' expectations? Read our checklist to become acquainted with the top 10 eCommerce features requested by B2B customers today.

How to set your eCommerce apart and gain a competitive edge 

There is a new generation of B2B buyers in town, and with them, new expectations on how to conduct B2B business. 

Today’s B2B buyers expect access to multiple online sales channels that offer simple and efficient ways to purchase complex goods.

However, simply having a webshop does not guarantee you success.

According to a recent survey by the Confederation of Danish Industry, more than 40% of B2B companies might have a webshop, but they do not offer the functions the buyers demand.

That leaves a huge untapped potential to boost customer satisfaction. How to bridge this gap, you can discover in our checklist.

Here you will find the top 10 features that B2B customers request today - and that will add the most value to your business.

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