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From Student Worker to Country Manager

As part of strengthening its position in the German market, DynamicWeb's management chose to promote their 24-year-old German Student Worker to Country Manager. "A highly unusual choice" the CEO admits, who doesn't for a second doubt that Paul is the right fit for the job.

I had always expected that one day they would hire someone more experienced than me so that I would get a new manager whom I could then go to Germany with. But in the end, they chose to give me a chance.

Paul Britzke - Country Manager DACH
Seeing opportunity

A chance to influence the growth journey

When Paul approached the end of his last semester of the master's program in Business Economics at Aarhus University this summer, it was with the hope that he might get the opportunity to stay at DynamicWeb, where he worked as a student job since 2018.

He knew that the company was planning to open an office in Germany. And he, therefore, hoped that he could help support the new Country Manager for the future office when the time came.

"Even before I got the job, it was clear to me that I could have a career at DynamicWeb. Because the management was good at showing me the trust and give me a chance to influence tasks," Paul says.

"So quickly it became a dream for me, and a driving force, that the more work I put into the company, the greater the chance of getting a foot in if we decided at some point to open an office in Germany," he says.

Rather than offering the Student Worker a desk next to another Country Manager, CEO, Christian Beer instead chose to give the then 24-year-old German-born student responsibility for starting up the department. A choice he has no doubts about today was the right one.

The next step

A new challenge on the German market

"There are many of the types of customers we would like to get hold of, and therefore it is a large market with great potential," Christian Beer acknowledges.

But while the Swedes, Norwegians, and Dutch like to use English as a business language, most German companies use their mother tongue as a starting point. And it, therefore, requires at least knowledge of German, and preferably also a physical presence, to get to customers.

At the same time, Paul had made a great effort to prepare for the company to move to new offices in Berlin. So, he was aware that the road was headed for a German office.

But even so, it came as a surprise to the now 24-year-old Paul when he was asked if he wanted to continue in the company as DynamicWeb's youngest-appointed Country Manager.

After all, I started DynamicWeb myself at the age of 24. So with that in mind, you probably shouldn't always see age as determining whether you can succeed at something or not. If I could, he probably can too, and I believe in him.

Christian Beer - CEO
Continuous growth

The challenge

"So I would like to continue delivering results, as I did in Denmark, and show the company and my Manager, Brede Bjerke that I have earned the spot, Paul says who is currently expanding DynamicWeb's position on the market. A task that he is currently hiring more employees to help with.

It might exactly be the management task that poses the biggest challenge for the 24-year-old Country Manager, who with his young age has not previously had employee responsibility.

"The plan is for him to lead four or five men during the next couple of years. And he's not used to that. In addition, he must create growth in an almost new market, and at the same time being a manager. So it is both business-wise and personally a new challenge that he is facing," Christian explains .

But he has full confidence that the newly appointed Country Manager will be up to the task.


eCommerce, CMS, PIM
and Marketing


Bjoernholms Allé 30, 8260 Viby J, Denmark




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