Camilla Kruse- Receptionist

The position starting with handling lunch and house maintenance, and ending with finance tasks, event coordination and maintaining a positive outlook every day.

Camilla talks about her 16-year journey at DynamicWeb, the company's growth, and evolvements. Some would say that the receptionist job is the same, but not Camilla's. Her job consists of many different tasks every day, which brings her joy and prompts her to question herself in the morning, 'What will today bring?'

Can receptionist do it all?

I call myself the octopus

“My main task for this house is to run things smoothly,” Camilla explains. She makes sure that there is lunch for everyone, handles finance-related tasks, internet, and phone subscriptions, and plans events. “Sometimes I need to change lightbulbs, so I become an electrician or a plumber by fixing toilets, “she laughs. 

Some might consider a receptionist's job might be boring. Not for Camilla. Her job is very diverse, requiring her to adapt to changes constantly. Her tasks are different every day, no day is the same.  “It is important for my position that I am adaptable. Sometimes, the day is not going as I planned, but I am not frustrated, I like that,” she says.

We’ve grown in so many ways, and it's incredibly rewarding to witness.

Camilla Kruse- Receptionist
Growing with the company

What changes have you experienced?

“I joined DynamicWeb at a bustling time, with lots of changes,” Camilla remembers.  Despite the chaos, she saw it as an exciting opportunity to be part of something new and dynamic. It was a period of growth and possibilities, and Camilla was eager to see where it would take her. She started as a kitchen helper. At that time, there were two receptionists, and before long, Camilla started assisting them with their tasks. Soon enough, she found herself taking on the role of both receptionist and kitchen helper simultaneously.

“At that time all the calls went through the reception, it was a lot busier than now,” she remembers how people could not call directly to different departments. 

Even the invoices were physical back then, so Camilla's practical assistance was invaluable. “Now, the invoices are sent directly to our system,” she chuckles, “but can you imagine all those paper invoices cluttering my desk?" 

The other major change was the transformation of DynamicWeb from a primarily national and Scandinavian company to a truly international one. "When I first joined DynamicWeb, we didn't have any international employees here, we were all speaking Danish in the office,” Camilla recalls. At that time, DynamicWeb only had offices in Sweden and Norway. ”We’ve grown in so many ways, and it's incredibly rewarding to witness,” Camilla reflects.

We work hard, and we concentrate but we have fun as well. We are a strong community together.

Camilla Kruse- Receptionist
Maintaining a positive outlook

DynamicWeb as a workplace

Camilla has been part of DynamicWeb for 16 years. The company she joined was very young, the owners were young, she mentions how interesting it is to see them grow and evolve. “I mean I am even older than the owners,” she laughs. “That is part of the attraction, it is a vibrant and dynamic environment,” she continues. 

Camilla recalls the excitement of witnessing the journey of her colleagues, watching them grow, mature, and evolve, eventually embracing parenthood. It's a heartening experience being a part of their personal and professional development. “We work hard, and we concentrate but we have fun as well. We are a strong community together,” Camilla says.

Camilla describes how happy she is coming to work every day. “I have a positive outlook on the day, which is so important.”  She has strong contact with everyone in all the departments. Meeting new employees allows her to get to know them and build relationships with them. 

“I have kids with handicaps. Because of that, this is my part-time job, which is very flexible. None of the bosses that I had in DynamicWeb ever questioned that I must go to a meeting in the middle of the day for my children. That is very important and relieving. The office is close to my children’s school. It fits very well with my personal life,” she says.

Our goal is to strengthen relationships among employees across different departments.

Camilla Kruse - Receptionist
Employee's Club

Bringing employees together

Camilla is part of the Employee's Club which is a community of employees within DynamicWeb dedicated to organizing social activities. “It's fulfilling to bring people together and create enjoyable events for everyone,” Camilla admits. The Employee's Club strives to offer a diverse range of activities, including creative, active, cultural, and social events, ensuring that every employee can find something to participate in.

Over the years, DynamicWebbers have enjoyed a variety of experiences, from laser games and golf outings to board game nights, party buses, casino evenings, and Christmas bingo "Our goal is to strengthen relationships among employees across different departments," Camilla explains. 


eCommerce, CMS, PIM
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Bjoernholms Allé 30, 8260 Viby J, Denmark




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