4 Benefits Of B2B eCommerce and ERP Integration


Integrating ERP and eCommerce enables the automation of sales orders, inventory, and customer details between systems.

What is B2B eCommerce and ERP integration?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the core business management software that underpins and connects your most critical processes - like accounting, inventory management, fulfillment, reporting, and more. Integrating ERP and eCommerce enables the automation of sales orders, inventory, and customer details between systems. Ultimately, this is the key to achieving accurate and efficient eCommerce experiences for both customers and employees.



Benefits of eCommerce and ERP integration in B2B

Synchronize Data

When eCommerce and ERP are integrated, data can move seamlessly between the systems and they can operate symbiotically. For example, orders can be instantaneously sent from eCommerce to the ERP, and inventory updates can be automatically sent from the ERP to the eCommerce system. Master product data and customer-specific pricing can also be pulled from the ERP into your eCommerce site or portals. A tight integration between systems can also facilitate a closer connection to your customers and build more trustworthy relationships. When eCommerce ERP integration is optimized for B2B sites, customers are empowered with complete, reliable self-service capabilities to place their own orders and access their account information whenever needed..

Improve Efficiencies

ERP & eCommerce integration can reduce the burden placed on isolated systems. Without it, software and manual processes can become strained which can lead to system slowdowns, poor performance, and other errors that jeopardize business performance.. With cloud-based, API-first eCommerce solutions, integration is flexible and cost effective so in-house teams have more time to focus on critical business tasks instead of getting tied up with daily system maintenance. 

To learn more about how to gain operational efficiency for your online business, download this white paper: Integrating Your eCommerce with ERP.

Enhance the Customer Experience

Thanks to retailers leading the charge, today’s customers expect to be able to find your products online, place orders in real-time, and manage their payment methods and other account information 24/7. If your eCommerce platform is operating as an island, customers will experience constant discrepancies in their online data. The last thing you want to do is sell products that are out-of-stock in your ERP inventory! 

Increase Agility 

Businesses need flexibility to make strategic adjustments when new opportunities arise. With the right eCommerce platform, virtually any data point in your ERP can be integrated with your eCommerce site or portals. You can configure or customize virtually any business process in your front-end, even RMAs and Configure-Price-Quote, and meet the unique customer requirements for any industry.

eCommerce and ERP Integration Success Stories

For Gasa Group, one of Europe’s leading producers of floricultural products, integrating Dynamics NAV with their DynamicWeb eCommerce solution and self-service portal led to a dramatic increase in sales. The astounding business growth was followed up with new efficient upselling functions, including customer-specific assortments. To learn more about how integration strengthened Gasa Group’s position in the European market, read the full case study. 

Evaluate eCommerce with ERP integration in mind

Integration can be complex and requires knowledge and experience to build scalable solutions. DynamicWeb specializes in eCommerce/ERP integration no matter how complex. We provide an open integration Framework that offers an advanced starting point that includes standard templates for integration to systems like Dynamics 365, Business Central, NAV, AX, and many others. 

When evaluating your next eCommerce solution, be sure to do so with ERP integration at the forefront. Building a strong foundation for scalability and automation now will pay huge dividends down the road. 

More than 4,000+ brands worldwide trust DynamicWeb with digital solutions. Our customers include leading brands like Lego Wear, Vredestein, Unilever, Winnebago, L’Oréal, Flying Tiger, Toyota, Europcar, and Skanska. Built on DynamicWeb, these customers are empowered to gain lifelong customer relations, increase revenue and grow their brands.

To adopt the best tool for ERP integration, contact DynamicWeb today. 

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