Rasmus Phophon Gyldenløv - Web Developer

The opportunity that every student waits for

Rasmus' story is about his first full-time job after his studies. He explains how he discovered his passion, what the process looked like, and how he felt joining other developers, who in his eyes, looked serious and ambitious.

First steps

How did you start in DynamicWeb?

"Back in the day, it was Steffie (HR) and Claus (Manager) who extended the offer to come into the office and do an interview. Shortly before, I spotted a Web Developer position on Jobnet, sent in my CV, and to my surprise, they reached out fast. After the first interview, they welcomed me onboard." Rasmus recalls.

Getting into a new job, especially as a freshly graduated young professional is not easy. Rasmus explains how he experienced his onboarding.

"I had a very good mentor when I started. He taught me how to act as a consultant and taught me how to approach the tasks with the customer's interest in mind,” he recalls.

Straight after my studies, I started here in a full-time position. At first, I wasn't sure what type of job and role I would fit into. I only knew I needed to get more experience and stayed open to all tasks.

Rasmus Phophon Gyldenløv - Web Developer
Becoming a DynamicWebber

Freshly graduated developer

Rasmus' journey in web development began during his studies when he built his own website, sparking his initial interest in the field. However, he realized that computer science was a broad domain and wanted to find his niche.

"I remember this one time at school, we had a project about building eCommerce sites, and that is when I realized, this is something I want to do.”

It has been more than two years for Rasmus at Dynamicweb and looking back is a fun journey.

"After two months as a Web Developer, I realized that working with customers is my thing. I like to talk and help them," Rasmus states.

He smiles and continues, "DynamicWeb is surprisingly casual, everyone dresses as they feel comfortable. Employees are always nice, managers are helpful, and you can easily reach them. We have events that get people together, making employees relaxed. I think it is very important, because it makes working together fun and easy."

I find great excitement in translating difficult concepts into practical websites while staying attuned with what's going on in the market.

Rasmus Phophon Gyldenløv - Web Developer
Web developer by day web developer by night

The daily tasks of a Web Developer

"It depends on the day. Typically, what happens is that I get a new feature request from the customer, then I analyze how to approach it. I am not alone on that job. One of our Project Manager's have approved it before it lands on my desk, and then I get to work," Rasmus explains.

Rasmus is responsible for daily tasks that include consolidating customer information, maintaining communication with the development team, engaging in pair programming with other web developers, and ensuring the continuous maintenance and upgrades of both the frontend and backend feature of the customer's solutions.

It is more than hard skills because very importantly, it is about maintaining a strong connection between customer needs and knowing how that aligns with the product. "There is an ongoing development and improvement of the product, which we are responsible for keeping up with and learning how to use", Rasmus explains.

I am a programmer, so of course I socialize through the computer!

Rasmus Phophon Gyldenløv - Web Developer
Social gatherings

Not just screen time

Of course, there is much more to the job than building amazing customer solutions.

"We like to stay for a Friday drink and chat about the week", Rasmus explains. "Also, I like to work out in the gym and do so with a colleague from a different department." 

"In my spare time, I try to be outside as much as I can. But after all, I am a programmer, so of course I also socialize through the computer at home with friends, playing video games or talking," he smiles.

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