Strategic Partnership with COSMO CONSULT

Alina Werner

COSMO CONSULT and DynamicWeb enter a strategic partnership to support companies in optimizing their digital business processes.


COSMO CONSULT, a leading provider of Microsoft Dynamics enterprise solutions, expands its digital portfolio with DynamicWeb's cloud-based eCommerce Suite to offer integrated eCommerce and PIM solutions that help companies streamline their operations and improve their online presence. DynamicWeb’s seamless integrations to Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems, as well as the longstanding experience of both partners, ensures a smooth implementation and maintenance process.

DynamicWeb enables us to support companies even better in optimizing their processes and building up a professional online presence.

In combining COSMO CONSULT's leading technologies and expertise in the Microsoft Dynamics field with DynamicWeb's powerful eCommerce and PIM solution, companies are empowered to automate and optimize their business processes. Customers are then able to react swiftly to the ever-changing demands of the market and accelerate their digital transformation.

"With COSMO CONSULT we have gained yet another strong partner in the DACH-region, who understands what it means to support companies in their digital journey," says Paul Britzke, Country Manager DACH of DynamicWeb. 

This partnership is great news for companies active in or entering eCommerce, which is one of the fastest-growing sector in the German economy. Not only B2C companies are affected by the takeover of digital trade, but also for B2B companies eCommerce is becoming increasingly important to keep up with competitors.



COSMO CONSULT is a leading global provider of business solutions that help companies streamline their operations and improve their online presence.


About Dynamicweb

DynamicWeb is a leading eCommerce provider, bundling PIM, eCommerce, Marketing and CMS into a single, powerful Commerce Suite with standard integrations to Microsoft Dynamics ERP systems.

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