DynamicWeb Announces New Webinar: “Finding the Balance Point When Composing Your Platform for eCommerce”


DynamicWeb hosts a new webinar on June 13, 2023, at 15:00pm CEST

Los Angeles, California: DynamicWeb, a global leader in eCommerce, CMS, PIM, and Digital Marketing solutions, is excited to announce the upcoming webinar featuring Forrester Senior Analyst, Joe Cicman, on the topic of “Finding the Balance Point When Composing Your Platform for eCommerce.”  B2B sales have experienced a shift in the last ten years. Customers and customer journeys have increasingly moved online, and consumer experiences have influenced B2B customers’ new behavior and preferences. 

As B2B sales continue to shift, it is imperative to future-proof B2B eCommerce strategies to engage prospects, customers, and partners alike continuously. Learning how to compose the ideal eCommerce platform for keeping up with new trends and technological changes while adapting to the demands of the modern-day B2B consumer is challenging. Registration is now open.

DynamicWeb’s webinar is hosted by a panel of eCommerce experts. Join Forrester Senior Analyst Joe Cicman and DynamicWeb CTO, Nicolai Høeg Pedersen, and Commercial Product Manager, Lars Holm Byg, for an elaboration of the key differences between traditional and headless commerce. Also, observe a panel debate on key considerations for composing B2B eCommerce platforms, empowering companies to make informed decisions.

In the webinar, attendees will be offered key takeaways:

  • An overview of the ever-evolving B2B consumer trends and preferences that are reshaping the eCommerce landscape.
  • Understand the significance of customer centricity in B2B commerce and learn strategies to enhance customer relationships and drive business growth.
  • When to choose headless commerce and what to be aware of in order to stay agile and deliver seamless customer experiences across channels.
  • Key insights and practical tips for composing B2B eCommerce platforms, ensuring the platforms align with business goals and meets the evolving needs of customers.

DynamicWeb is pleased to offer this information at a critical time for businesses seeking to bring online B2B strategies to the next level. 


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