Why Frictionless eCommerce Matters


Frictionless eCommerce is a method of proactively addressing concerns to assist conversions to move through the sales funnel effectively. Read more.

Friction — it’s vital for slowing things down, which means it’s the exact opposite of what you need for successful e-commerce. With so many channels and systems involved in e-commerce, however, it sometimes gets sticky. That is why an average of over 69 percent of online shopping carts are abandoned, often owing to checkout processes that are too long or too complicated. 

Frictionless e-commerce is a method of proactively addressing these sticky spots to ensure your customers move through the sales funnel as quickly and effectively as possible. Essentially, when you invest in frictionless e-commerce, you are making it easier for your customers to pay you, without any needless roadblocks. It makes them happy because they get what they need without any problems, and it makes you happy because profits are less complicated. 

Why Frictionless E-commerce Matters

Examples of Frictionless E-Commerce

We can see examples of frictionless brick and mortar commerce every single day. The people around us breeze through self-checkouts, order fast food at a kiosk without having to wait in line, or put in an order on a mobile app that is ready and waiting for pickup within minutes. 

In the e-commerce world, going frictionless means reducing the steps it takes to make a purchase online. Your goal is to get your customer from wanting to buy a product, to buying it in as few clicks as possible.

A great example of this is Amazon’s one-click purchasing. For customers who are already logged into the service, when they see something they know they want, they only need to click once and the system completes the transaction. That’s because Amazon is using its customer data to ensure frictionless e-commerce. The customer’s information and preferences are securely stored with Amazon, so one click is all it takes.

Social media shopping is another popular instance of frictionless e-commerce, especially for companies using influencer marketing. If someone sees something they like on Instagram, as an example, they can use a click to buy button and land on the product page. They don’t have to search for the company, the product, or where to find it, making it more likely that the purchase will happen.

Optimize Your E-commerce with DynamicWeb

Frictionless e-commerce is as smooth as it gets with DynamicWeb. We’re your go-between solution, from your back office technology to your web front-end, ensuring that you can do more in less time. 

This go-between work is vital as frictionless e-commerce is not just a consideration for the end of the transaction when you are hoping your clients will hit the purchase button. The entire process needs to be easy and quick.

Our all in one platform puts everything you need in one place, ensuring your content, product information management, e-commerce applications, and marketing technologies are working in sync to maximize efficiency. Integrated e-commerce allows for a lot of automation, so you can leverage what you already have to fill in more blanks for your clients, making transactions faster and more accurate. 

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