What Your E-Business Should Learn from Coca-Cola


According to the Wall Street Journal, Coca-Cola’s new personalization campaign caused the company’s sales to grow a significant 2% over the summer! But how did they do it?

What Your E-Business Should Learn from Coca-Cola

A nice cold bottle of soda is a refreshing way to cool off, but if you’re Coca-Cola, the bottle itself is also an excellent opportunity for personalized marketing. And according to the Wall Street Journal, Coca-Cola’s new personalization campaign caused the company’s sales to grow a significant 2% over the summer! But how did they do it?

First, Coca-Cola printed the 250 most popular names for teens and children directly on the cans and bottles of its popular beverages. This personalization encouraged people to not only buy Coke, Diet Coke, and Coke Zero for themselves, but also as fun gifts for their friends and family. Coca-Cola also printed terms such as “Bro” or “Friend” with encouragement to share with someone who fit the label. Do you have a bro? Get him a Coke!

The campaign was an emphatic success. People love personalization. Even with just a name, there’s an inherently good feeling when a product is meant to fulfill your specific needs. And as an added bonus, Coca-Cola even allowed users to personalize virtual cans on its website and share them on social media platforms.

What’s in a name? Apparently a lot! For an e-business, your website should give that same good feeling of recognition to your customers. And while it’s great to log into a website and see a greeting with your name on it, your customers want and expect even more than what Coca-Cola printed on its cans. 

Powerful ecommerce technology lets you track what your website visitors click on and what content they read. Then this information gives you the ability to present them with the most relevant content and products that fit their interests. That’s why DynamicWeb features personalization as a crucial part of its online marketing center.

Personalization isn’t just to refresh their thirst and put a smile on their face either (although that’s a nice bonus.) The more relevant the content and products you recommend to them, the better chance for conversion. Online customers are impatient. They want what they want, and they want it now. Personalization speeds up the process and makes it easier for them to find what they’re looking for.

Coca-Cola’s bottle personalization also shows us the value of personalized email marketing. When a prospect opens up an email with their name on it regarding a product they actually have interest in, there’s a much better chance that person engages with the given email. Instead of the old days of blind outgoing spam, personalization opens up the possibility that your emails actually have meaning for their recipients. 

Even with their product primarily located in your refrigerator, Coca-Cola managed to see huge success with personalization. Now imagine what a fully-fledged personalization campaign does for a thriving e-business. We’ll drink a Coke to that!

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