What You Ignore When You Talk About Optimizing Your Customer Experience


With options that span from online self-service to mobile devices to social media to email to in-store experiences, it’s a daunting task to optimize each touch point for your prospects and customers.

The optimization of each touchpoint presents a very real opportunity for more leads and more sales. Customer experience optimization is a true competitive advantage. But the key to successful optimization often gets overlooked…

Too many companies take a superficial view of the customer experience and simply expect to graft on more systems and more technology to offer more features to more customers. In the never-ending and well-intentioned quest for more, what gets lost is what’s better.

What do IT, sales, and marketing teams neglect in the search for a better online experience for their customers? The secret ingredient is integration.

Integration creates the foundation for customer experience optimization. It’s not the sexiest concept, but integration is what allows you to give your customers the consistency across touchpoints that they desire.

In order to create a better customer experience, you want to personalize customer interactions with specific, targeted marketing. This requires the data that already exists in your ERP, CRM, PIM, and other legacy systems.

So let’s be honest. If improving the customer experience meant getting rid of all your legacy systems and re-entering all the data manually, few would ever optimize the customer experience. And a lot of customers would be miserable and probably avoid shopping online.

Fortunately, integration is real. How your Content Management, eCommerce, and online marketing integrate with your other back-end system is a primary factor for your success. This is how you share customer and product information and track your customer across touchpoints to give them a great web experience.

With an All-In-One solution that combines CMS, eCommerce, and online marketing you have the ability to handle online interactions and touchpoints with one stable platform. Integration then brings strategic and tactical alignment to your online activities, including your website, email, mobile, and other digital marketing campaigns.

With so many touchpoints, customer experience optimization can seem overwhelming. But don’t throw money down the empty well of gimmicks. Instead, leverage the useful data you already have with integrated systems. And then, use the power of a unified solution that delivers the personalization and dynamic online experiences that your customers want.

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