What is Product Information Management?


It is an acronym you may have seen before, but if those three letters are leaving you baffled, we’re here with the answers.

What Is Product Information Management (PIM)?


Product information management, or PIM, is a way of handling all of the data and information needed to market and sell your products. It tracks product data like SKUs and names, organiza-tional information like categories and variations, technical details like measurements, digital as-sets that go along with your products like images or videos, marketing data, sales information, design specifications, and even specific information related to your distribution channels, local markets, suppliers, and manufacturers.

In short, the answer to ‘What is PIM’ is that it’s everything you need to get your products into the hands of people who want them. Sound good? Let’s explore PIM and how it can work for you in more detail. 


What is PIM: PIM in Action

As we have outlined, many pieces of data and information go into a PIM system. That is one part of what PIM is, but it is not the full picture. The other important aspect of PIM is what is done with data collected and stored within the system. 

PIM in action takes that data, makes it better, and uses it wisely. For instance, without a PIM in place, you may have data scattered in various states of quality. With a PIM system, you no longer need to hunt through paper files or details hidden across devices. Instead, you collate it into one place, centralize it, and sanitize it so that it is both accessible and useful.

You can also use PIM to make your product marketing better, with detailed descriptions and specifications for which your distributors and customers are looking. Dynamicweb PIM allows for enriching, grouping, and organizing of all your products and variants. It puts marketing in-formation at the fingertips of your marketers.

PIM also works to better the front-end of the system, allowing things like self-service for part-ners and dealers, the ability to download data and digital assets so anyone writing about or shar-ing your product can access multimedia content, and delivering feeds to your marketplaces and channels. All of this helps turn leads into sales.

Trying PIM for Yourself

One of the best ways to understand what PIM is is to try it out for yourself. We make that easy with our online demo site. The site has full front-end and backend access to our entire platform, including PIM. We also offer a tailored demo to clients who want a guided tour with a product specialist — contact us with your business needs. 

More info on Dynamicweb PIM? Download the factsheet!

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