What is eCommerce product enrichment and how can it increase sales?


Today, online customers want to be met with quality information instantly, failing to offer the desired result within seconds can lead to customer churn and lost revenue. This is where eCommerce product enrichment comes in and why it is so important.

Online shopping allows consumers to sit and browse for exactly what they want, checking out the details in their own time. If your eCommerce platform lacks product details, your online visitors will turn away from your webshop and you will lose a potential sale. To build a trustworthy webshop, you must present rich and correct product data - everything thing from images, descriptions, colors, textiles, stock level, delivery, etc. This product information is what your online shoppers are looking for when completing a purchase online. The key to increasing online sales is to make all necessary information about the desired product easily accessible. 

eCommerce product enrichment is the process of filling in the blanks for your potential customers. Instead of sharing a product with only a text description or photo, eCommerce product enrichment includes details including measurements, color variations, related products, and accessories. The goal of eCommerce product enrichment is to show your customers how buying your product will fit into their lives and change them for the better.

eCommerce Product Enrichment Tactics

Adding more basic details like measurements, materials, and colors is a start, but there’s more to eCommerce product enrichment if you want to increase your sales. Digital media assets are key for online shoppers. Consumers who cannot pick a product up in real life need to see images, and even videos if possible. Watching how a product moves and operates can be the difference between abandoning a cart or making a purchase, as well as the ability to see multiple angles of the product and its variations.

Specification sheets, material data safety sheets, and technical drawings can be very useful for customers looking for a product that meets specific requirements, especially in more technical applications. Brochures and instruction manuals also provide much-needed information for those considering a purchase. 

You can, and should, share links and information about how one specific product interacts with or enhances others in your stock. If a consumer is buying something with optional accessories, for example, showcase those accessories and how they add to the value of the initial product. Some retailers even offer a small discount if customers buy bundles of products and accessories, an easy way to enrich your products while encouraging sales.

How to implement eCommerce product enrichment

Product enrichment starts with quality data. After all, you can’t easily share more details about your products unless you have that information ready to go. Ensure your product data is organized and easy to access, with a product information management system. A product information management system (PIM) is the backbone of eCommerce product enrichment and will work in conjunction with your other enrichment efforts to boost sales. 

Is PIM the right solution for your business? 

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