What Are the Benefits of a Product Information Management System?


PIM benefits touch on all aspects of efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, along with the satisfaction of distributors and sales channels. Learn more!

Picture this: your sales and marketing departments are working like a well-oiled machine, with efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction at the forefront of all they do. Every piece of information they need is readily accessible, from product measurements to variations, to digital assets and SEO goals. It’s not a dream, it’s reality! A product information management (PIM) system is exactly what you need to make this happen, as with PIM, benefits are many.

PIM benefits touch on all aspects of efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, along with the satisfaction of your staff, distributors, and other sales channels. When you’re looking for a competitive edge, look no further than PIM.

PIM Benefits: Better Data & Accuracy

Companies of all sizes struggle with data management. Whether it's a smaller business trying to manage product details on paper or a large company with data in too many places, PIM helps organize and improves accuracy.

PIM Benefits: Better Resource Efficiency

With a good PIM system in place you can automate a lot of data entry and put that time elsewhere. Your staff can also rely on the data you have already, knowing that it’s accurate and organized, which also saves time. Instead of having to dig for info, it’s right there, and it’s correct. 

PIM systems save monetary resources, too. You can cut down on operational and supply chain costs through good stewardship of data. When your information is accurate and easy to find, your business is exposed to fewer risks and fewer customer satisfaction issues. This leads to more successful sales and better profits. And, when you need to implement new systems to manage your data, you don’t have to start over and spend a lot of money to do so. Instead, you can easily integrate features into your PIM to make it work for your needs.

PIM Benefits: Better Customer Experience

The goal for your company is to improve sales and marketing to convert leads into customers. PIM helps that happen by giving your customers the information they want with all the details necessary to decide if your product is right for their needs. It also makes it easier for your customers to access new products, as you can move these onto the market faster thanks to improved efficiency at the start. 

Exploring PIM Benefits for Your Business

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