Useful tips for writing targeted texts on 6 different channels


Writing texts can be simple in itself, but there are some factors that you should take into account, depending on what the text is used for and who the recipient is. We have collected some useful tips for writing texts for 6 different channels.

Where is the being showed? 

First, you need to know what you are writing the content for. Where should it be used? Is it a news article, a blog, a landing page or one of the main pages of your website?

1. Text on a main page

Your main pages inform your visitors and guide them in the right direction so that their questions are answered.

2. Text on a landing page

If you are writing text for an SEO landing page that should be used primarily to score higher on Google, write in such a way that Google can easily recognize you. You do this by finding the keyword on which you want to score the highest. You also search for synonyms or related words and use them in your text. For example, if your keyword is conversion, you can then use words such as landing page, lead generation and other relevant words related to conversion.

3. Text on a promotional page

If you are writing for a specific landing page to convert campaign traffic, you must write in such a way that you answer the questions of the audience.

4. Texts on SoMe (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.)

Messages on social media must be short texts but with images, while elements other than text attract the attention of the recipient. The headline must be short and concise.

5. Banner texts 

Short and precise with a clear call-to-action. Normally, one should not expect conversions. The banner should be used for exposure. 

6. Texts for email marketing

Always keep your promise. If your recipients expect you to describe marketing and communication tips and tricks in your newsletter, do not send other things such as new employees and anniversaries.

Always keep your sentences short and precise and do not forget to check what your pages and text look like on mobile devices.

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