Top 3 e-Commerce Promotions


Promotions are a great way to increase sales and move inventory if the months are slow. In order to spring forward with your e-business, here are our top three e-commerce promotions for spring:

1.  Free Shipping. 

Free shipping is a perennial favorite for e-commerce customers.  If you have the capability to run free shipping all year long, we recommend it.  If that sounds unfeasible, then this promotion has the bounce to potentially increase sales.

One of the primary reasons potential customers become ex-potential customers is the experience of sticker shock. Many interested prospects turn away at the first sight of unexpected costs and leave a trail of abandoned shopping carts in their wake. It’s a devastating digital scene.

If you offer free shipping for a limited time or make an offer such as “Buy $100 worth of X and get FREE shipping!”, then that might be just what your customer needs to take the plunge.  When embarking on their e-commerce journey, customers consider all the costs, not just that of the product itself.

2.  Bundles and Packages. 

Some products go together like peanut butter and chocolate or bikes and bicycle helmets.  Specifically in the bicycle example, we see two products that customers often buy together.  So why not bundle?

Creating limited-time offers for bundles and packages entices both customers who weren’t going to buy anything at all and those who were only going to buy one item.  For prospects on the fence, a discount across multiple items promotes the sale of all included products.  Customers don’t mind spending money to save money.  Additionally, bundles serve as a great example of e-commerce cross-selling.  Perhaps a customer was only going to buy one product, but for a little bit more, they go for the second item also.  

3.  Personalized Promotions.

Having promotions is good.  Having promotions specifically tailored to your customers is better. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when the special promotion is relevant to their interests.

As your website visitor browses your site, personalization technology allows you to take note of what e-commerce pages your guest is looking at and clicking on.  On the back-end, this information is then analyzed and processed in order to present that visitor with the promotion most relevant to them. 

When you integrate your Customer Relationship Management with your e-commerce solution, you gain a better understanding of your entire history with a given customer. If a customer has already purchased Product X from you in the past, such as during the holiday season, you might choose now to offer promotions for 15% off reorders, encouraging repeat purchases. And with automated personalization, you send that offer directly to them, either presented on your website or even through email.

Typically winter is the season to be jolly, and due to a boost in holiday sales, that makes sense for e-business.  But if you want to keep the spirit of joy alive into the spring (and increase sales), then consider our top three tips for e-commerce this season. 

Spring forward with your online promotions, so the only thing you lose is an hour.

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