The Secret Sauce to Successful B2B Online Selling with Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV


Don’t tell anyone, but we’re about to tell you something that many of your competitor’s already know. Your Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV solutions are extremely powerful tools for online selling.

But if you simply sit on your AX or NAV without heating up its full potential for online sales, you cede a potential advantage to your competition. And then it’ll be your competition that is sitting down. On yachts. Drinking champagne.

Here are some quick facts about online selling from MarketingProfs:

68% of B2B buyers now buy products online
94% of B2B buyers do research online before they make a purchase
83% of buyers use the vendor’s own website (!)
77% use Google to find the information they want

So what does this tell us? There is a veritable smorgasbord of B2B buyers that use Google, find vendors’ websites, and then want to purchase products online.

If you integrate your eCommerce website with your Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV solution, then you have the ability to offer these customers products directly from your inventory, with all the necessary rules in place. And the relevant information from your ERP is updated in real-time to your website.

But many companies stop there. These companies integrate their AX or NAV with their website to show their products (good), but they don’t make it easy to buy (not good). These companies may have helpful store associates in their brick-and-mortar shops, but they simply neglect to guide customers towards a purchase in the online space.

If you want to increase sales and make it easy for your customers to buy, the secret sauce is personalization. If 77% of B2B buyers use Google to find your website, imagine how much more persuasive you are when you offer these buyers a personalized landing page based on the exact keyword they were searching for.

This means using personalization to take the product details that already exist in your NAV or AX system and then presenting that product (or products) to the buyer that is most likely to buy. Personalization uses the power of relevance to your competitive advantage. B2B buyers and buyers of all stripes are more likely to purchase something that directly addresses their needs and paint points.

Landing pages aren’t the only use for personalization either. With integration between your ERP, your eCommerce, and your online marketing, you have the ability to dynamically alter your website pages to offer relevant products, to utilize guided selling that steers customers towards the right products, and also send personalized emails to potential and returning buyers. That’s a healthy secret sauce that increases conversion rates and tastes great too.

To read more about personalization and other successful tactics for B2B online selling, download our FREE whitepaper Why You Need More Than a Shopping Cart.

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