The Eyes Are the Windows to the Sale: Online Video B2B Marketing


Humans are visual creatures. That’s why we have two eyes and only one… um… nose. (Okay, we have two nostrils.) Anyway, what we see has a huge impact on what we buy, which makes video an effective tool to add to your kit of B2B online marketing.

According to the “B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Report” from Software Advice, videos are the most-used type of content among the 200 B2B marketing professionals surveyed.  92% of respondents use videos in their B2B online marketing. But everyone with two eyes and two nostrils knows that usage percentages aren’t everything. Video was also most-commonly cited as producing a very high amount of leads.

We know that lead generation, especially the capture of high-quality leads, is a top priority for B2B marketers. Unfortunately, many B2B companies decline to use videos in their online marketing mix. They mistakenly believe, against the statistics, that video marketing is best left for B2C.

Don’t fall into this trap! B2B customers are eyeball-users just like B2C customers! You might think your products are too technical or boring or whatever excuse it is that B2B marketers use. Your prospective customers don’t think your products are boring. There’s a reason that they’re on your website looking through your catalog and learning about what you offer.

Customers buy products to help relieve themselves of pain points. That’s true of B2B and B2C. So if you show your customers how your product will solve their problems, that’s inherently interesting to them!

At a loss for ideas? Here are just a few video ideas for your B2B website that help viewers understand the value that your products represent:

  • “How To” or Instructional Videos. Demonstrate products and features to show the benefits to your prospects and leads.
  • Introductory Videos. Build familiarity and connection with introductions of key members of your team or even show off your factory, warehouse, or office
  • Customer Testimonials. Establish trust with videos that feature customers who have had a great experience with your brand.
  • Webinars. Either live or pre-recorded webinars help customers understand the benefits of your products and how, precisely, these offerings help solve their pain points.

Video is way more engaging and convincing than dry spec sheets that get downloaded to PDF, printed out, and thrown onto the pile of your competitors’ similar documents. Video makes you STAND OUT. Why is that important? Because it’s DIFFERENT. And you will be REMEMBERED.

Videos appeal directly to our emotions. When you connect with your customer on an emotional level and let them feel what it’s like to have their problems solved, your B2B online marketing results in more leads and more conversions. That’s why they say, “The eyes are the windows to the sale.”

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