Terminator Genisys and Marketing Automation


While the fictional Terminators may look scary, automation is still an essential part of online marketing. Fortunately, marketing automation is benevolent technology and beneficial for your e-business.

Since 1984, the Terminator series has been a cautionary tale about artificial intelligence and technology. Now in 2015, the franchise once again returns to the movie screens to most assuredly blow up lots of robots. While the fictional Terminators may look scary, automation is still an essential part of online marketing. Fortunately, marketing automation is benevolent technology and beneficial for your e-business.

In a study by VB Insight, 80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase with the technology. 77% saw their conversion rates rise. Marketing automation may not be able to wield a shotgun with the same level of finesse as a time-traveling Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it is a powerful gift from the future that helps to grow your business today.

The know-how to marketing automation

The principles behind marketing automation are simple. Content that is relevant to your website visitor is much more likely to engage them compared to a generic landing page. Your potential customers are more likely to convert when presented with products that align with their interests and needs. Your email campaigns generate more leads when they are personalized to your customer.

Personalization is the lynchpin of marketing automation. While Terminator machines are deployed to eliminate humans, personalization is designed to help your customers. Personalization means analyzing your customers’ needs and then delivering them the relevant content or product recommendations.

Whether your website gets hundreds or hundreds of thousands of guests a day, marketing automation makes it possible to deliver customized experiences to your audience. Marketing automation analyzes your customers’ behaviors on your website, such as where they click and what pages they look at, as well as their past history with both products and content in order to make an intelligent assessment of their interests. Based on this knowledge, your recommendation engine then suggests the products and content that are most relevant to that guest.

The philosophical core of all those time-traveling robots in Terminator is the question “Can you change your future?” When it comes to marketing automation, the answer is a resounding “Yes!” Personalization uses predictive analysis to predict what the customer wants to see, and the technology delivers that directly to them. And this benefits your future business in terms of conversions, leads, and customer experience.

Email marketing campaigns

In addition to presenting your prospects with more relevant content, products, and landing pages on your website, marketing automation also helps with your email campaigns. Email is tricky. Because of the prevalence of spam, an email with no relevant information or offers is about as welcome as a Terminator at the front door. So rather than sending out emails with no interest to your customers, you want to use the same type of behavioral analysis to raise the chance of success for your email campaigns.

When the new Terminator Genisys hits theaters, there’s no doubt that the evil artificial intelligence network Skynet will once again be a threatening foe. The good news, however, is that automation is much more than dystopian science fiction. That’s why Dynamicweb’s All-In-One Solution features an online marketing center that delivers targeted content, recommends relevant products, and automates effective email campaigns based on customer metrics.

With the power of personalization, marketing automation boosts both lead generation and conversion rates. Make it a part of your future.

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