Supercharge Your e-Business with B2B Marketing Automation


Your e-business is a race car.

Just as a car requires gasoline to stay on the road, you need leads to keep your B2B business running. But unlike a racecar, you don’t get to pull over to a pit stop to refuel.  You have to drive your company as you continue to generate leads to keep your business moving forward.

Leads are the fuel to your business. If you want to stay on the road, you have to keep the leads coming. That’s why it came as no surprise to us when a new study by Regalix revealed the top priorities of online marketers.

For B2B marketing automation, the top three objectives are:

Improve lead nurturing (82%)
Improve lead quality (76%)
Increase lead generation (74%)
Notice a trend? Leads, leads, leads.  And B2B marketing automation feeds the need for leads.

The “automation” part is what lets you run your business while the leads come in. Without automation, you’d constantly be at the gas pump, wasting time and money. B2B marketing automation supercharges your business with the ability to nurture and generate high-quality leads without nonstop manual maintenance.

B2B marketing automation works to gather, track, and analyze data on your leads and also to offer them the most relevant content and product suggestions. Here are a few benefits of great B2B marketing automation:

View comprehensive lead info, such as product pages viewed, downloads, correspondence, etc.
Automated email marketing direct to leads
Personalized recommendations
Quality analysis of how far the lead is into the buying process
Reduction of manual work and entry of data
The automation of processes for quick-and-easier analysis of leads (and which are the best leads) is a huge boon for both the sales and marketing teams for your e-business.

Most marketers that replied to the Regalix study say that they invest in B2B marketing automation. Most also say that see the benefits of automation within 6 months. That’s why it’s a surprise that less than a third rate their efforts as “very effective.”

Here are some more quick facts from the B2B marketing automation survey:

  • 79% of marketers invest in automation
  • 77% chose reporting and analysis as features they want in a solution
  • 64% saw the benefits of automation within the first 6 months
  • 61% rated their efforts as “somewhat effective”
  • 31% rated their efforts as “very effective”

So to achieve the original objectives of lead nurturing, lead quality improvement, and lead generation, use B2B marketing automation with a comprehensive strategy. That’s how you stay ahead in the raceand keep a steady supply of fuel.

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