Selling to Small and Medium-Sized B2B Businesses


Sometimes “one-size-fits-all” works. A poncho, for instance. On the other hand, like many B2B products, the B2B market itself is not one-size-fits-all.

There are many unique businesses of all sizes housed under that wide umbrella called “B2B,” and that’s an important consideration when planning out your digital marketing.

Targeting SMBs


Imagine you are the CEO of an SMB. You visit a webshop for a specific product that you need, but when you get there, all the articles, blog posts, and whitepapers focus on how this company sells to huge multi-national corporations. You probably wouldn’t feel right at home. SMBs don’t want to be treated as unimportant. If you hope to sell to SMBs, but your B2B online messaging centers on the needs of big corporations, then you’re off target. The good news is that your ecommerce shop offers you a variety of ways to present the right message.


Content Is Messaging

One of the challenges when dealing with SMBs is that you’re targeting a number of smaller clients, rather than one big fish. It’s a strain on marketing dollars to spread your advertising everywhere these prospective customers may exist. There’s no way to own every banner on the Internet. What you want is a way to bring those customers to you. And that way is through content. The content on your webshop is a one-stop shop for your B2B online messaging. But what type of content should you use?


Blogging about everything from new products to industry news creates a steady stream of content and establishes expertise in your field. And this expertise builds trust as the foundation for your B2B online sales. SMBs like to minimize risk. Just as your spec sheet reassures them that they’re choosing the right product, your blog reassures them that they’re choosing the right company to do business with.

Reviews and Testimonials

The idea of risk comes from the human emotion of fear. Your potential customers in SMBs are still human beings, and risk may be more personal to them than for larger organizations. In order to alleviate the negative emotion of fear, people like to hear from other people like them. Adding user reviews and testimonials helps relieve the idea of risk, and research shows they boost sales and help SEO.

Address Their Concerns

Depending on your industry, the companies you deal with have their own pain points. No matter what content you decide to deliver, it’s paramount that you address their specific concerns. For instance, if there are massive recalls by one of your competitors, then part of your B2B online strategy may stress the reliability of your products. Stress the value that your products offer.

If They’re At Your Webshop, You’re Already Doing Something Right.

Due to the specific nature of many SMBs, if they’ve sought you out, they are, in a sense, pre-qualified for your product. But SMBs are very busy and price-sensitive, so if you’re looking to increase your chance of conversion, follow these B2B online tips for your webshop to earn trust and prove the value of your solutions.

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