Reduce costs, but online must be firmer


It is time to embrace an all-in-one solution as a strategic choice.

These times organizations to take a good look at the costs, without killing their suppliers at the same time. The Netherlands will stay at home until after the May holidays, however we do more and more business from home.

It teaches us that working from home with tools goes very well. The question is whether we will change our society for good or whether we will soon revert to old habits, such as standing in traffic jams again. The big question is whether this 'new normal' will also continue for shopping and/or purchasing.

More turnover with lower costs 

For many companies, the emphasis is on costs caused by declining sales in the various face-to-face channels. To avoid ending up in the cost rat race to the bottom, it is wiser to focus on changing your business model. Here it can help to make up for lost sales by investing more in online.

Online aspects such as customer experience, marketplaces, product information and different forms of e-commerce often come into play, which can lead to a complex landscape of marketing & ecommerce solutions that all must work together to be successful.

"Experience teaches us: New marketing and ecommerce colleagues bring in new tools at the start, but those tools don't disappear when these employees leave."

More solutions lead to higher complexity and costs, both in integration and in management.

Now choose an all-in-one solution 

Dynamicweb offers the solution that brings that precise added value and which many of our customers agree with. With Dynamicweb you get an all-in-one or business suite solution that covers all aspects for online success. With an all-in-one platform you keep costs low, reduce complexity, and offer more than e-commerce.

For example, Dynamicweb offers the possibility to:

  • Easy to offer your products on all kinds of marketplaces
  • Email marketing where you can accurately approach your target group with the right offer
  • Personalizing the webshop
  • Both B2B and B2C Ecommerce from one solution
  • Manage product information
  • Guaranteed consistent product information
  • Integration with your ERP, while you can continue working standalone

And now? 

Come and meet us during one of our webinars or better yet let us make an appointment how we help you solve your problem.

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