Raise revenue by activating abandoned shopping carts part 2/3: Email reactivation of abandoned shopping carts


Automated cart abandonment emails have demonstrated an efficient ability to reactivate shoppers and thereby to save sales. This blog will demonstrate how revenue can be improved by using reactivation emails.

Increase your revenue with 12%

Having demonstrated how to improve the reactivation process, we will now look at the desired outcome, in relation to how the numbers will affect the revenue.

If we assume there are 1,000 daily visitors, the conversion rate is 2.12% and the average order is $170. This totals 636 orders a month and equals a revenue of $108,120.

In order to calculate the potential of abandoned shopping carts campaigns we use the rate 67.45%, which generates 1,318 abandoned shopping carts. A 6% conversion rate for reactivation mails would then provide an additional 79 orders a month – resembling 12% increase in revenue.

The conclusion is that every online company should evaluate how they are able to benefit from working with shopping card abandonment.

Email addresses = your gateway to reactivation

There are numerous suggestions on how to create the best campaigns, so let's elaborate on best practice shopping cart abandonment, to help you boost revenue.

The use of cart abandonment email access to valid email addresses is needed; otherwise you will not be unable to reclaim the lost sales. It is therefore important that you ask for the email address at an early stage in the purchasing process. The following image shows a typical example of a contact registration from, where the e-mail is required in order for the shopper to continue with the purchase:

Store and utilize the data in your system

Make sure that all email addresses are automatically stored in your system. This feature can either be activated when saving the shopping cart, or when the shopper submits the first step in the checkout process (often the contact information). 

It is important to be aware of the fact that you will be establishing a potential business relationship with the customer. This will allow you to send transaction-related emails, like the cart abandonment emails, without sending spam.

Stay tuned for more valuable reactivation insights in the final part 3 of our "Raise revenue by activating abandoned shopping carts" blog series.

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