POS Integration with eCommerce: How does eCommerce Integrate With POS?


Dynamicweb's e-commerce and POS integration is a way to amalgamate the two channels of buying and selling. Read to learn more about our solutions.

It’s no news to brick-and-mortar retailers that selling online has become a total necessity. That imperative has been made clear by the sheer explosion of eCommerce in the last few years, not to mention the decades long growth prior to that. But with eCommerce now ubiquitous across most retailers, what’s the next step?

For most sellers, it means going true omnichannel. And we don’t just mean selling both offline and online. We mean seamlessly connecting brand experiences across both those environments, including customer information, loyalty programs, and even inventory management.

Research shows that customers who engage with companies and brands across multiple channels spend more in physical stores. 

That’s why we recommend the best POS and eCommerce integration: Dynamicweb. With these systems communicating, your sales, inventory, and customer data are available and synced throughout the business. 

Why integrate your Point-of-Sales (POS) with eCommerce?

Today’s customers don’t draw a distinction between offline and online brand experiences - they expect these systems to be connected by default. Breaking that customer expectation can negatively disrupt your brand experiences.

How can a POS integrate with eCommerce?

There are several ways to integrate your POS with eCommerce, depending on your starting point.

If you have a POS but do not have an online store, you can use Dynamicweb eCommerce to build a store and then integrate your POS with the platform. 

If you have an online store but do not have a POS, you need to choose a POS system that is compatible with your eCommerce platform, or select a partner or provider who can build the integration. 

If you do not have a POS or an eCommerce site, you can choose an eCommerce platform and POS system with pre-built integrations, like Dynamicweb and LS Retail.

Benefits of POS Integration with eCommerce

Simultaneous Sales

Sometimes customers prefer to shop from their devices, and sometimes customers prefer to shop in person. With an integrated POS and eCommerce, you can meet your customers wherever they want to shop. 

Real-Time Inventory Updates 

Inventory management needs to be efficient and accurate, especially if you operate both in-person and online sales. By integrating your POS and eCommerce systems, you leverage the same database to update inventory and ensure a single source of truth. If you offer a buy-online-pick-up-in-store option, real-time inventory updates are particularly critical for ensuring that the items customers order for pickup will actually be there when they arrive. 

Automatic Data Syncing 

Manually inputting data is a laborious and error-prone process. Integrating your POS system and eCommerce platform allows you to automatically sync data updates and manage the data in one place. When you no longer have to reconcile data by hand, you can invest the saved time into optimizing other critical areas of the business. 

Leverage Customer Data 

With all of your customer information in one place, you can learn about customer behavior across channels. You can  learn more about your customers and improve customer relationship management with total information like total customer lifetime value, rather than only gaining that from the eCommerce platform. You can leverage this data to tailor your recommendations and marketing strategies more effectively. 

Improve the Customer Experience 

When you integrate your POS and eCommerce systems, you create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Customers can pay in various ways, effortlessly place orders, and easily participate in loyalty programs. 

Dynamicweb: The Best POS and eCommerce Integration

Integration can be complex and requires knowledge and experience to build scalable solutions. Dynamicweb specializes in enterprise-level eCommerce requirementsand provides a flexible integration framework enabling us to connect to third-party systems like POS and ERP.

To take your omnichannel experiences to the next level, contact Dynamicweb today.

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