More money, less problems: Top Three Online Marketing Tactics for ROI


For more money and less problems, efficiency is the name of the game. But do you know which online marketing tactics give you the most dynamite for your dollar? Whether you start a new budget on a new year, a fiscal year, or a quarterly review, ROI matter

When you plan out your budget, it’s good to know which top three online marketing methods give the best return on investment.  And the answers might surprise you:‚Äč

  • Email Marketing
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing

A new report by eConsultancy confirms that these three tried-and-true tactics reign supreme when it comes to ROI. The report asks over 1,000 online marketers which tools give them the most for their money. 

Email marketing tops the list if you want to increase conversions and generate leads for the least investment.  73% of respondents said that email marketing is either “excellent” or “good” for ROI.  That number is a significant 7% more than last year.

Email marketing confirms that prospects, leads, and returning customers want messages targeted to them. Email is a personal space, mostly opened on personal devices like smartphones, so it’s no surprise that personalization is so successful here.

At Dynamicweb, we know that that automating personalized emails is how to make your investment really pay off.  The elimination of manual work makes it, so you have the time to concentrate on the copy of your email and the segmentation of your customers.

In a fiercely competitive battle with email marketing for the top spot, SEO takes the silver medal for second best online marketing tactic for ROI.  SEO strengthens your ranking in this process of organic search, so when customers search for *insert keyword here*, they find it on your website!

SEO helps them make the decisions they need, and it helps you make the sales you want.  The fact that these customers are drawn to your site through organic search makes them much higher-quality prospects and leads.

Think about it like this: If you sell jet-powered scooters, you’re not going to rank highly in horticultural keywords.  But you will rank higher in keywords related to your business.  This organic process is what makes SEO so powerful as a marketing tool and so efficient for ROI.

Content Marketing works for very much the same reasons. Content creation that is relevant to your target market draws in online customers that are already interested in the subjects you discuss.  This tactic, which pairs very well with SEO, is much better for ROI than blasting out irrelevant messages and hoping you catch a miracle.

Whether your marketing budget is $10,000 or $10,000,000, you want to squeeze every bit out of every buck.  With these three online marketing tactics, you get the ROI that your dollars deserve.

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