Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 – Follow These 3 Tips for a Successful Launch


Our partner ArcherPoint knows NAV. Dynamicweb’s own eCommerce and online marketing solution integrates seamlessly with Dynamics NAV and other ERPs, but what about implementation of NAV itself?

ArcherPoint recently shared a blog post about what it takes to be successful. Based on a case study of one of their clients, ArcherPoint boiled down their successful NAV launch to three T’s:

1. Testing. Or as we noticed, they used another “T” word: Tedious. Testing, they admit, may be tedious, but it’s very worthwhile. If you notice problems before you go live, you have the benefit of solving these issues before they affect your customers.

2. Training. The strength of a tool comes from its users. Power users, especially, must know the solution inside and out. Training means preparation, and preparation is what gives you the security of a successful launch of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016.

3. Transition Planning. Okay, technically this is more than a “T,” but the “P” is important. Whether an upgrade or an all-new implementation, these transitions take several steps. Planning ahead is important, as is knowing the ins-and-outs of each department that is involved with the Dynamics NAV implementation.

We definitely recommend that you check out ArcherPoint’s original blog. They share a number of bullet points that help with each of the three T’s they suggest. And these points are important not only for NAV implementation, but for the implementation of other solutions as well when you plan on bringing your entire business online.

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