Jurassic World & the Ecommerce Customer Experience


The new film Jurassic World provides a perfect example for why it’s essential to optimize your ecommerce customer experience.

The new film Jurassic World provides a perfect example for why it’s essential to optimize your ecommerce customer experience.

Jurassic World, the long-gestating installment in the Jurassic Park franchise, features a grand theme park with real, live dinosaurs. In this Disney-like environment, the latest technology has been harnessed to recreate and reanimate dinosaurs from raw genetic material. The dinosaur show is just beginning when the most dangerous dino escapes and starts eating the customers.

The importancy of Ecommerce

You’d have a hard time finding a worse customer experience than the Jurassic World theme park, which makes it a powerful allegory for an e-business. No matter how good the technology gets, you won’t have a successful business without customers. The ecommerce customer experience is crucial for attracting visitors to your website and moving them along the funnel.

A study by Aberdeen shows that B2B buyers complete nearly 60% of the buying cycle before ever speaking to a salesperson. These potential customers want to perform their own research (on both you and your products,) and they want the self-service capabilities to do so. Whether your customer wants to look up simple information or build a complex product via a configurator, you want to empower them with a great ecommerce customer experience.

Integration with your back-end systems, such as your ERP and your CRM, is the key to delivering information your customers need, when they need it. Integration empowers you to automatically update your ecommerce website with product descriptions, inventory, shipping info, order history, personalized prices, and more.

In addition to delivering a better ecommerce customer experience, integration also saves you time and costs spent on manual reentry and administration. Technology that benefits both you and your customers prevents you from becoming a “dinosaur” yourself!

The setup is also important

Navigation is another important aspect of the ecommerce customer experience. It’s important for your website visitors to know which areas of the site have the information they need. Just like it’s important for theme park visitors to know where to run to escape from rampaging dinosaurs. Without coherent site navigation, it’s chaos.

Site search with advanced filtering options is a huge part of having great site navigation, particularly for ecommerce. Customers want to quickly find the exact product they’re looking for, and the ability to search for products by make, model, material, size, etc. gives them the self-service they want.

There are many more aspects to a great ecommerce customer experience that each deserve their own posts, such as site speed, personalization, and mobile. We at Dynamicweb have and will continue to address all of the ways to optimize the experience on your website.For now, heed the lessons of Jurassic World to gain more traffic and convert more visitors: Serve your customers. Don’t eat them.

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