Is the Ghost of Technology Past Haunting your Business?


Remember the day you “put your business up on the web?” And just like that, your company was instantly visible to potential customers from all around the entire globe.

Next, with IT to guide you, your customers could buy things from you from the comfort of their office desks or even from home. You handled inventory control and kept track of orders manually using Excel sheets and making lots of calls – usually from a landline.

And if a customer ordered something that you had already sold out of on either a B2C or B2B e-commerce site, well too bad. At least you could send them nice note telling them how sorry you were for the inconvenience.

Sometimes you could even get that note out to your bummed out shopper within 48 hours!

In 2018, that eCommerce scenario is downright haunting and scary! So ask yourself, “Is your ecommerce the walking dead?” If so, it’s likely that an integrated eCommerce solution, like Dynamicweb, has the power to save your day.

Projections estimate that B2B e-commerce will hit $12 TRILLION dollars in sales, worldwide, by the year 2020, up from $5.5 trillion in 2012.

And presently, 57% of the B2B buying process is done prior to even engaging with Sales.

This kind of marketplace demands not only an ecommerce site that looks good and works well, it’s got to work HARD. An acceptable eCommerce solution offers the flexibility to integrate seamlessly with CRM and ERP, contain marketing features that allow for personalization and purchase suggestions, and sophisticated marketing campaigns that can handle different lists for difference campaigns, have robust filtering capability, and design adaptability.

So don’t let the ghost of a machine, or the devil of an antiquated eCommerce platform suck the life out of your business.

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