Increase Conversions with Personalization


How to target and appeal to your customers as individuals, despite being part of a diverse group with unique interests. We also discuss how to leverage your own individuality as a company and what separates you from the competition.

Understanding is the key to trust. If you want to build trust with your customers on the web, show them that you understand them. You understand not only their pain points, but also that they want to be treated as individuals. But how do you show that you understand each one of your customers as individuals? The answer to that is content personalization.

How Important Is Personalization?
Turns out that personalization is really important! According to 94% of companies surveyed by eConsultancy, personalization is seen as a critical component of present and future successes. And that’s no surprise. The companies that did implement new personalization technologies saw conversion rates rise as high as 300%. Unfortunately, a vast majority of those companies also said that they didn’t know how to get started with introducing personalization to their customers.

The Power of Real-Time
The first step to treating your customers as individuals on the web is to implement a powerful Content Management System. Your CMS is the backbone of your efforts to deliver personalization to your customers. The next step towards understanding is to find out who your customers are and what they want. Let’s look at Dynamicweb’s CMS. Our solution tracks your customers in real-time as they browse through your site. Then on the backend, the software identifies the behavior of your visitors by looking at the types of pages they view and searches they make. For example, if your customer clicks on ten different product pages for off-road vehicles, we have a good idea of what they’re looking for. We then begin offering that customer more content related to their interests. Personalization benefits both you and your customer, and it all happens seamlessly in real-time.

Returning Visitors and Returning Customers
Two other groups of customers who also want personalization are your returning visitors and returning customers. Returning visitors and customers may give you even more data than just the real-time analysis of their first visit. We know the saying “A customer saved is a customer earned,” but the benefit of a loyal customer goes beyond that. Loyal returning customers often buy more and cost less to retain than acquiring all new customers. So go ahead and offer these visitors a personalized customer experience as well as some product recommendations. “Customers like you bought X” or “You might be interested in Y” are tried-and-true tactics to raise awareness of your other products. When you integrate your CMS with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, you gain access to an existing customer’s past purchases. This allows your CMS to make these recommendations with intelligence to any customer who has a profile with your company. The point is to put relevant content and offers in front of your visitors to improve their customer experience.

And Now, A Word About Content
Personalization goes beyond product recommendations. Whether you are analyzing behavior in real-time or using data amassed from past visits, you don’t have to limit yourself in how you personalize the customer experience.
If your customer searches for off-road vehicles and you just wrote a blog on the best accessories for off-road vehicles, why not link them to the blog? They might become an active member of your community or maybe even a brand advocate. Content such as whitepapers or case studies may also be relevant to your visitors and help you generate leads.

Personalize the Customer Experience
Whether new customers or existing customers, you improve the customer experience when you offer them personalization. Everyone wants to be understood, their wants, their needs, and their pain points. And by raising your understanding of your customers you also have a chance of raising your conversion rates. That’s a win-win.

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