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There are times when your B2B buyer has an ideal product in mind, and that’s what they want to buy.  A specific product for specific pain points.  A one-size-fits-all product just doesn’t fit their needs. When your customer wants to customize their own solution, the real hero is a configurator.

Go Configure


A configurator is a sales tool that allows your customers to build their own products right on your website.  Users customize their own products by selecting each specification, including size, material, components, and more.  And these customizations conform to the rules and restrictions that you set on the backend.

Configurators work by giving your customers access to your entire array of parts and products.  This gives them choice.  And when you integrate with your existing ERP, your customers can get real-time updates for a variety of information, such as your current inventory, product data, and pricing.  Seamless integration among your e-commerce solution, your configurator, and your ERP builds a B2B sales powerhouse. 

Configure for Fun and Profit

According to research from the Aberdeen Group, configurators give B2B sellers a variety of different benefits, including raising conversion rates and reducing the length of the sales cycle.

Aberdeen’s study shows that B2B buyers complete nearly 60% of the sales cycle before ever talking to a salesperson.  Just like the rogue Indiana Jones, they prefer to begin the adventure on their own. Configurators empower your customers with the self-service they want.

With the option of configuration right on your B2B website, customers spend all the time they want to create the right solution for them.  Then they submit that customized product for a quote.  Configurators make it easy for your leads, and those leads convert at a 5% higher rate when they configure their own products for quotes.

The research also shows that this process results in a reduction in the duration of the sales cycle from 4.68 months to 3.42 months for those who use configuration.  Additionally, integrating a configurator with your ERP results in a reduction in the time
needed to produce a quote.  Once again, configurator users come ahead with 3.6 hours compared to 4.9 hours.

Saving time means saving money, especially when it comes to your sales team.  Configurators save your sales reps work which results in more sales and more reps reaching their annual quotas. In the B2B companies that Aberdeen studied, 58% of the sales reps that used configuration reached their quotas, compared to 46%.

Configurators – a Big Deal

For B2B customers on a quest for a custom solution, configurators are a big deal.  Configurators empower these customers to build specific products for their specific needs. And if you want to increase B2B sales, reduce the time it takes to make those sales, and ensure 100% configuration accuracy, then an integrated configurator might be your own Ark or even your Holy Grail.

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