How Today's Wine Distributors Wow Customers with Integrated eCommerce + ERP


Dynamicweb has partnered with 365WineTrade by Western Computer to provide a fully-integrated eCommerce and ERP solution optimized for wine distributors.

Like every business today, wine distributors must provide a seamless, omnichannel customer experience to stand out. It may seem hard to achieve, especially in an industry with razor thin margins.

That’s why Dynamicweb has partnered with 365WineTrade by Western Computer to provide a fully-integrated eCommerce and ERP solution optimized for wine distribution. Why go over-budget by spending extra money on separate tools and applications for eCommerce, Product Information Management (PIM), CMS, and marketing automation, when you can have a combined digital experience platform?

As a wine distributor, perhaps B2B eCommerce isn't something you think you need. But Dynamicweb is much more than an online shopping cart. It unlocks all the tools you need to grow new, sustainable revenue channels and create a more targeted, personalized customer experience across channels.

A Real-World Example 

Let’s walk through an example of how 365WineTrade with Dynamicweb can completely transform how, when and where you engage your customers. 

We’ll assume you've already built an awesome site with Dynamicweb’s drag-and-drop tools and templates to give visitors a visual, streamlined and informative shopping experience.

For this example, Joe is your customer, Lisa is Joe’s sales rep, Dave is your marketing lead, and Kim is your sales manager.

1. Joe visits your website at 11pm on Monday 

Joe is a buyer for several restaurant locations in one of your regions and is working late so he can’t call your office. Instead, he visits your site and is super impressed. He starts exploring and in just minutes is able to:

  • Filter by brand and price to see what’s new (he loves all the vibrant pictures and details)
  • Gets instant recommendation for brands and blends to try based on his search history
  • Creates 3 carts for each of his locations
  • Adds several items to his carts and makes a note to call in the morning

Next month, Joe visits your website, he is greeted by a homepage customized to his favorite products and purchase history. He is also pleased to see he can easily re-order last month’s shipments and even set up recurring orders and payments for common restocking needs.

2. Lisa is notified instantly of a new lead 

At 8:00am on Tuesday morning, Lisa gets alerted of a new lead and sees that Joe registered on the site and added items in his carts. She sees one of the brands has a great promotion running on a new blend not in his cart. She calls Joe right away and within minutes, in one system, she:

  • Views his carts
  • Upsells 3 cases of the promo wine
  • Processes the order
  • Updates Joe’s contact record
  • Creates a reminder to call him about the new location he said was opening next month
  • Follows his company on social media and likes a few posts

* Joe instantly receives an order acknowledgement with a link to pay electronically, which is then processed and posted in 365WineTrade. Once his product is scheduled for delivery, he will automatically receive an email and text with the delivery date and time.

3. Here’s what Dave, the marketer, is NOT doing 

As the marketing lead, Dave appreciates the time he has to work on strategic marketing plans because the system automatically did all this for him…

  • Added Joe to the email and direct mail marketing lists
  • Put Joe into an automated workflow for 3 campaigns:
  • New customer welcome email
  • Company newsletter
  • Brand-specific text promotions
  • Updated his contact record in 365WineTrade and Dynamicweb with insight into his browsing history, order history, brand preferences and more

What Dave IS doing is using his 365WineTrade Power BI Marketing Report to see which regions dropped in revenue from the last month so he can create targeted promotions and campaigns for customers in those regions. He builds an automated email campaign in Dynamicweb and the system handles the rest.

4. Kim tracks performance in Power BI 

As sales manager, Kim likes to keep her sales team motivated. During the sales meeting, she pulls up her 365WineTrade Power BI Sales Report to show the group in real time that Lisa just took over the top sales spot (everyone applauds) and that, as a company, they are 10% behind their goal for the month (everyone gets back to work).

Customer Engagement Really Can Be This Easy 

This is just a very basic example of the marketing insight and automations you get with 365WineTrade and Dynamicweb. As you can see, this is far more than ERP with an eCommerce solution. We empower you with an all-in-one, integrated, cloud-based customer engagement platform built to deliver the personalized experience everyone wants and deserves. 

Want to see it in action? 

Join Dynamicweb and Western Computer for a live webinar on November 12th to see a demo of the solution and learn how to connect your wine distribution operations end-to-end!

Register for the webinar on November 12th

Written by Cady Jackson with Western Computer, in collaboration with Dynamicweb.

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