Dynamicweb vs. other eCommerce solutions: Why your business needs more than an online shopping cart


In the digital age, your business needs more than an online shopping cart - it needs a complete eCommerce suite with all the tools you need to provide digital experiences that win over your customers and outpace your competition.

If you are searching for the best eCommerce to integrate with your Microsoft Dynamics 365, NAV, AX or other ERP solution, you may have many questions about features and functionality—particularly if you need a B2B eCommerce solution. Read on for a clear idea of what makes Dynamicweb different, why your business should consider a complete eCommerce suite, and how we enable flexible and seamless integration to your Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, and virtually any other ERP or CRM solution.

Ecommerce solutions

Why you need more than an online shopping cart

Today’s customers expect more than a simple shopping cart when purchasing from your business. In fact, depending on your industry, your buyers may not expect a shopping cart at all, but rather a client-specific self-service portal.

To actually build trust with your customers, increase your conversion rates, and grow your digital sales channels, your business needs the tools to fulfill a complete digital experience. Dynamicweb enables the types of end-to-end personalized, digital experiences that all types of customers have now come to expect - with built-in Product Information Management (PIM), Content Management (CMS) and Digital Marketing.

Together, these modules enable you to:

  • Manage product information in one place and distribute it to all your various channels including your ecommerce stores, third-party marketplaces, social media marketplaces, partners, suppliers, and more.
  • Increase conversions by providing detailed, rich product pages to inform customers and build trust
  • Deliver personalized, automated email and digital marketing using data from site behavior, purchase history, loyalty programs, ERP, and CRM.
  • Personalize your website and offers in real-time with dynamic web content personalization
  • Easily design, prototype and launch new web designs to increase conversions with visual editor, A/B testing, SEO optimization, and more.

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Why Dynamicweb?

B2B and B2C eCommerce

Too often, B2B organizations feel left out of the eCommerce conversation because many solutions are really designed for B2C business models. When looking at different eCommerce solutions, make sure the functionality supports the needs of B2B without requiring a bunch of customizations and that your solution partner has deep expertise in B2B operations, including understanding what types of customer experiences B2B buyers prefer.

Dynamicweb’s standard configuration is full-featured and designed for B2B and B2C businesses with the flexibility to meet your unique requirements.

Utilize pricing, inventory, business rules and more from your ERP

Dynamicweb utilizes the logic already in your ERP solution with direct connections between Accounts, Items, Pricing, and more, without any intrusion or customizations to your ERP system. With Dynamicweb, your customers get a real-time, personalized self-service experience including inventory availability, purchasing rules, ERP-backed customer pricing, personalized communications and more.

Upgrades are easy

Because our solution has a light IT footprint and is non-intrusive to your ERP, upgrades are easy and can be done independently. Upgrading your ERP typically doesn’t require corresponding coordinated changes from Dynamicweb. This is in contrast to  solutions that are embedded in your ERP and must be upgraded in tandem, thus introducing a high risk of breaking issues during or after the upgrade.

Built-in Product Information Management (PIM)

Particularly important for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers today, Dynamicweb’s built-in PIM enables you to enrich and extend product data in multiple ways to create a more engaging customer experience and detailed product pages without customizing your ERP. While most ERP solutions are limited to product data like name, SKU, price, units and description, a PIM solution extends those capabilities to track any product feature, detail, or media associated with it, and distribute it to your various channels.

Content management and catalog automation

Product catalogs, whether in print, online, or both, are time-consuming to create and distribute. Because Dynamicweb integrates PIM and Content Management (CMS) into one solution, you can completely automate catalog production with real-time data in the format and design you need.

Drag-and-drop website builder and visual editor

Rapid change in standard in our digital world. Who has time to wait days, weeks, or months to make changes to your website? The Dynamicweb platform puts the power of rapid, flexible websites and eCommerce design in the hands of everyday users like marketers and administrators. Drag-and-drop design tools and visual editors bring your concepts to life in a fraction of the time and cost. Plus, our built-in "set-it-and-forget-it" A/B testing lets you easily optimize pages on the fly knowing only the best performing page versions are used based on your goals.

Personalization at scale

Most companies are taking their business online whether it’s strategic or out of necessity. This means companies must find ways to provide digital experiences that stand out.

Dynamicweb is an omnichannel eCommerce platform with personalization emphasized through every module, including intelligent product recommendations, dynamically personalized website content (like exclusive offers), or simply addressing the customer by their name and preferences in all communications.

Digital marketing and email automation

Your eCommerce strategy must include consistent, accurate and compelling communications. This is where Dynamicweb’s integrated digital marketing module makes it simple for you to outshine your competition —who must piece together their insights and segmentation data from various platforms.

Not only will it eliminate the cost of third-party email services and save you a ton of time, but you can also leverage all kinds of data to segment and personalize communications and campaigns like purchasing behavior, website behavior, ERP/CRM data, and more.

Integrating eCommerce with Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, or other ERP solutions

Dynamicweb is a Microsoft Gold Partner with more than 300 global partners, 4,000 clients, and more than 12,000 websites running on our platform. We have deep experience integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365, AX and NAV, as well as nearly any other ERP solution, for both B2B and B2C industries, no matter how complex.

Dynamicweb's eCommerce integration approach:

  • Dynamicweb upgrades are easy and independent of your ERP solution.
  • We connect to any entity in the ERP and adhere to your business requirements, lowering the amount of website customization required.
  • With Dynamicweb’s flexible integration framework you can avoid intrusive customizations to your ERP.

Beware of “embedded” eCommerce solutions

As you research ecommerce solutions, you may discover that some “embed” themselves within your ERP solution or modify its database tables. There can be real consequences to allowing a vendor outside of your ERP partner to modify and alter your ERP system, such as complications to future changes or upgrades.

Some factors to consider:

  • What happens to your website experience if your ERP system goes down?
  • Can the eCommerce solution handle ERP updates or upgrades without breaking?
  • What if you want to change your eCommerce or ERP platform in the future?

Looking to the future

The real value of your eCommerce solution goes beyond technology and functionality. Your technology partner should have a passion for innovation not only for their product, but for your long-term goals for your business in your industry.

Dynamicweb is the only platform combining eCommerce, PIM, CMS, Email Automation, and Digital Marketing into a fully-integrated Ecommerce Suite. Why? Because we’ve listened to our customer and partner community across a diverse range of industries and business models to provide meaningful enhancements and real-world solutions. We deeply value the feedback of our customers and partners which we encourage with our annual internal MVP awards, and incorporate those insights into our product updates.

Helping you become a market leader is our priority as reflected in the many success stories shared by our customers. We are happy to answer any questions about integration, functionality, or just have a chat about all things eCommerce.

Learn more about why your business needs more than just an online shopping cart. Download our free whitepaper here.


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