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There are many providers like Dynamicweb, Optimizely, & Magento. Read more on the comparison of the capabilities of each to help you make the best decision.

When choosing a partner in the Digital Commerce market, companies may consider leading providers such as Dynamicweb, Optimizely, and Magento. Factors such as cost of license, site construction time, integration and deployment, scalability and flexibility, and quality of service and support are considered when choosing between these providers.

With offices across the globe, Dynamicweb is known for their comprehensive Content Management, Product Information Management, eCommerce, and marketing solutions. Based in New York City, Optimizely is known for content, commerce, and optimization. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Magento is a single platform for multi-channel commerce experiences. 

Read on to see a comparison of the capabilities of these companies to find the best fit for your enterprise.  

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Cost of License

Dynamicweb, Optimizely, and Magento operate on a subscription basis, and most companies want the best provider at the lowest cost. Between Dynamicweb, Optimizely, and Magento, Optimizely is the most expensive in terms of licensing. After acquiring Episerver last year, Optimizely is substantially increasing their license price. Magento offers a free open source version, but it requires extensive development to create and maintain your site.For the paid version, the company’s starting price is well above that of Dynamicweb. Dynamicweb offers the lowest starting price along with a free trial. 

Site Implementation Time

Every day spent implementing an eCommerce site is a day without sales - and another day spent paying developers. When businesses need to get a high-quality site up and running as quickly as possible, with as little risk as possible, the site development time is key. The amount of coding required to construct a site shapes the amount of time it takes to build a site. The more coding, the longer the lead time. 

Magento can be installed without the need for coding; however, to fully utilize the features, it is necessary to code. Optimizely requires coding as a part of the site construction. Coding can take a great amount of time and resources. Dynamicweb offers a best practice low/no code storefront that’s user-friendly and built with SEO principles in mind. With Dynamicweb you can go live in a matter of weeks, greatly reducing risk and costs.

Integration and Deployment

The ease of integration and deployment is often incredibly important to businesses. Because Optimizely requires coding and the full functionalities of Magento can only be experienced with custom coding, the integration and deployment of these two providers can be laborious and time consuming. Many reviews describe the complex, cumbersome, and time consuming nature of implementing with Optimizely. According to the program site on the topic, Magento’s ERP integration increases eCommerce efficiency, although there are few resources available. 

With Dynamicweb, integration and deployment are designed to be fast and frictionless. Dynamicweb’s open integration framework allows for consistent online experiences across different channels and devices. The Dynamicweb integrated ecommerce solution creates a symbiosis between the ERP and the B2B/B2C ecommerce site to save time and increase efficiency for both sides. Read this white paper to learn more. 

Scalability and Flexibility

Scalability and flexibility make it possible to welcome any number of visitors to your site without any back-end issues. If not designed correctly, any unexpected surge in web traffic can stress servers and services to the point of failure. Scalability and flexibility ensure a smooth visitor experience and enable business growth. Scalability also facilitates cost-efficiency as bandwidth can be shifted up or down, as needed. All three providers offer the ability to scale. 

Service, Support, and Training

When partnering with an online platform provider, the trusting relationship relies upon helpful service, support, and training. The timeliness of vendor response, quality of technical support, and availability of resources distinguish Dynamicweb, Optimizely, and Magento. 

Bigger doesn’t always mean better, especially when it comes to the relationship with your provider. Dynamicweb and its close network of partners pride ourselves on a more intimate approach to service, where we personally learn your business inside and out. In fact, in many cases we work with our customers directly, providing access to the actual team that builds the product. 

Why Dynamicweb?

Read this case study of a company that gained 45% more turnover by replatforming from Magento 1 to Dynamicweb. 

Dynamicweb is designed to be easy-to-use and integrate without sacrificing functionality. Our all-in-one approach offers eCommerce, Product Information Management (PIM), Content Management (CMS) and Digital Marketing on a single platform - all the critical components of your digital selling strategy as you scale. Our composable architecture offers the best of both worlds: no-code visual editing for non-coders, and access to the code for developers for 100% customizability if needed. Plus, our open integration framework makes it easy to integrate with your ERP with no need for middleware.

To join the growing list of satisfied, successful customers, contact Dynamicweb today!


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