Digital Transformation (Part 1) – What Does Your eCommerce Customer Want?


This week, we are dedicated to digital transformation, which is the optimization of the entire customer experience across every touch-point.

To optimize the entire customer experience, end-to-end, you need to first answer the question:  What do your eCommerce customers want? 

  • Accurate and up-to-date information
  • The ability to search your site with whatever device they choose (smartphone, tablet, or desktop)
  • Consistency in a high-quality customer experience

Online customers want easy.  They want “easy to buy,” but they also want “easy to find the products I want” and “easy to compare” and “easy to research.”  If your eCommerce site is structured like an ancient Greek labyrinth, that’s a surefire way to chase away potential customers.

Let’s turn back to the report from The Altimeter Group. That report concludes that there exists an unfortunate disconnect between those companies who claim to tackle digital transformation and those who are actually transforming the customer experience.

While the process of digital transformation proves difficult, the good news is that many companies do understand which areas are important to customers:

  • 80% of executives and strategists say that it’s “very important” to improve processes that speed up changes to digital properties, such as website updates. (19% say this is “somewhat important.”)
  • 71% say it’s “very important” to update their website for the new mobile world. (25% say this is “somewhat important.”)
  • 70% say it’s “very important” to integrate all mobile, web, eCommerce, social, and other investments to deliver a frictionless customer experience. (24% say it’s “somewhat important.”)

Digital transformation means more than just investment in technology.  It also means investment in reconfiguring your online business tactics, strategy, and objectives to deliver that great customer experience.  And these responses work within that mold.

Acceleration of your website updates, a site design that looks great for all devices, and developing a “frictionless” customer experience are all goals that require more than just a new technology.  These objectives require marketing and sales teams to collaborate to put your customer first. (Although the technology is an important part too.)

It might seem overwhelming, so always keep your eye on the ball.  This digital transformation results in more sales, more leads, more conversions, and more engagement!!!!  (Intentional overuse of exclamation marks.)

According to The Altimeter Group report, only 46% of executives and strategists aim to overhaul customer service to meet the demands of the digital customer.  Your business has a prime opportunity to seize a huge competitive advantage with digital transformation.

The Altimeter Group’s research explains that true digital transformation encompasses:

  • Mobile
  • Website
  • eCommerce
  • Search
  • Email Marketing
  • Social
  • Communication

Customers want consistent online self-service across multiple channels.  But how do you give your customers what they want?  What challenges must companies overcome?  We’ll cover that in our next blog post.

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