Digital Storefront Guide: How to Build an eCommerce Storefront


Our digital-storefront guide: We’ll walk you through the different parts of an online eCommerce storefront and how to build one quickly. Learn more.

For a brick-and-mortar store, the physical storefront is designed to draw attention to the business and its products. Signage, window displays, and other forms of promotional messaging are usually arranged in an appealing and welcoming way to encourage customers to enter the store, browse through the selection, and hopefully make a purchase. 

An online store has a digital storefront that serves the same purpose as a physical storefront. 

What is a digital eCommerce storefront? 

A digital storefront begins with the homepage of the eCommerce website. A homepage is the entry point to a shopping experience, and as a digital tool, it can be customized to personalize the engagement experience for each customer. Product presentations based on the customer’s interests, intuitive search and browsing capabilities, and relevant promotional offers can all make a digital storefront stand out. 

Because eCommerce sites have many points of entry, the concept of a digital storefront can extend beyond the homepage to encapsulate the full digital representation of your business. Your business’s online presence can serve as the collective cornerstone of your brand, and making a good first impression is key. 

3 Different Digital Storefront Examples

HC Cargo

HC Cargo is the leading supplier of electrical auto parts in Europe. HC Cargo statistics say that 75% of their corporate customers in Europe and North America are researching products online before completing a purchase.HC Cargo has launched a strong and comprehensive B2B ecommerce solution built on the DynamicWeb eCommerce suite. They completed the solution with an interactive digital storefront that has generated a 20% online growth and a 58% online purchase rate. To experience the engaging HC Cargo digital storefront. 

Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen Lighting A/S specializes in production, marketing, and sale of lighting equipment to both the private and professional market across the globe. Louis Poulsen partnered with DynamicWeb to create a B2C online universe that is consistent with the company’s sense of quality and design.   Louis Poulsen’s new DynamicWeb shop, complete with a striking digital storefront, generated a high conversion rate and order size compared to the rest of the industry. To experience the sophisticated Louis Poulsen digital storefront. 

Toyota Danmark

Toyota Danmark and its independent dealers are consistently among the top 5 best selling car brands in Denmark. Toyota Danmark chose the DynamicWeb eCommerce suite  to build a strong online presence, create a platform where dealers could conduct localized online marketing content to support their local sales activities, and ensure optimal recognition amongst their target audiences. Toyota Danmark got a perfect DynamicWeb solution that fitted their needs, complete with a high-quality digital storefront, that enables the company to do centralized marketing and empower local dealers to initiate marketing efforts. To visit the informative Toyota Danmark digital storefront. 

How to Create a Digital eCommerce Storefront

To create a digital storefront, you can learn to code and design your site yourself, hire a programmer or IT team to build and control your site, or partner with a trusted, no-code/low-code platform that empowers your business with an easy-to-use and effective eCommerce solution. Creating a digital storefront involves technical expertise, finely honed skills, and a great amount of time unless you implement a pre-designed solution. Sometimes businesses just want a website that looks good, performs well, and is painless to create. You can choose a t provider that can enable your company to take control without the need for IT or Developer support each time an edit needs to be made. Pre-defined design modules and widgets can make launching, maintaining, and optimizing your eCommerce website a breeze. 

Fastest Way to Build a Modern Digital Storefront at the Lowest Risk

The fastest way to build a modern digital storefront is to use DynamicWeb Swift. DynamicWeb Swift delivers a ready-to-launch storefront with standard modern design templates built on best practices. The no/low code approach makes it possible to configure your storefront and reduce risk and development time. 

Why is fast digital storefront construction desirable? As an implementation framework with a proven methodology, fast digital storefront development with DynamicWeb Swift reduces risk. 

More than 4,000 brands worldwide trust DynamicWeb with digital solutions. Our customers include leading brands like Lego Wear, Vredestein, Unilever, Winnebago, L’Oréal, Flying Tiger, Toyota, Europcar, and Skanska. Built on DynamicWeb, these customers are empowered to gain lifelong customer relations, increase revenue and grow their brands. 

To see what quick digital storefront implementation can do for your business, contact DynamicWeb today.

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