Considering e-Commerce Replatforming? Here is what to look for.


Moving is hard work, and this is true whether you’re shifting to a new home or to a new e-commerce platform.

Despite the arduous preparation, e-commerce replatforming represents a positive development. If you’re moving to a new e-commerce solution, you see growth. You probably envision a future with more customers and a more agile company. And you want your new e-commerce platform to enable you to reach those goals.

When considering e-commerce replatforming, what do you look for? As with a new house, a strong foundation supports future success.

Integration is important. Prior to purchase, consider if your new e-commerce solution integrates with your existing back-end systems, like your ERP and CRM. Just as you wouldn’t throw away all your boxes of belongings before moving into a new house, you wouldn’t throw away your data either. Implementing a new ERP or CRM (and reentering all your data) because of a new e-commerce solution is an additional hassle and may even put you off from upgrading in the first place!

When you integrate your existing ERP and CRM systems with a new e-commerce solution, you save yourself lots of time and money. With integration, all the data contained within those systems is ready to use for you to optimize the customer experience and improve your online marketing. You want to hit the ground running with e-commerce replatforming, and integration lets you do that.

Another crucial consideration for e-commerce replatforming is scalability. When you move into a new home, you might not always look to undertake expansion. It’s a bit of a pain to break down walls and build a poker room where your front lawn used to be. But with business, you definitely want to make sure your new e-commerce platform has room to grow.

As your company increases in the number of both customers and product offerings, a scalable e-commerce solution ensures a degree of future-proofing. Scalability means your e-commerce solution grows with you, so it’s best to consider how your solution will scale before you make a purchase. You don’t want to be caught without room to grow, only to start the e-commerce replatforming process all over again.

The increasing number of mobile shoppers represents another fertile area of growth for your e-business. M-commerce is on the rise, and if your new e-commerce platform isn’t prepared to accommodate these customers, you miss out on a huge opportunity to increase sales. Online shoppers love to hop from tablets to desktops to phones and back again, so plan ahead to reach your potential customers on whatever device they prefer.

Choosing a new e-commerce solution is a big decision, so consider the following: Integration makes the move easier. Scalability allows future growth. Mobility reaches new customers wherever they are. If you look for these traits, you’ll be unpacking your cardboard boxes and expanding your e-business before you know it.

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