Boost Your Ecommerce with Video Content


Online videos are a boon for online retailers looking to show off their products and their company. Visual, social, and compelling? Video content is the answer.

Why Use Videos Now?
Video content is more accessible than ever before. Fast connections transmit videos around the globe. More people use more powerful computers and phones and tablets to watch more video content. Video has grown out of its infancy of stuttering and buffering and dial-up modems.

Their Eyes Were Watching Content
As speed becomes less of an issue, the power of online video grows. When it comes to content videos for ecommerce, SundaySky, a video-platform provider, reported that 48 out of 50 online retailers studied used product videos on their ecommerce sites. The videos were designed to sell products and increase the companies’ revenue. If you don’t use video,

Show Off Your Goods
If your customers have concerns about buying products sight unseen, video content works to alleviate those fears. Some very viable leads may visit your ecommerce site, but they may remain unconvinced by glossy product images. Videos allow customers to get as hands-on as possible without literally getting their hands on the product.

For manufacturers or other technical businesses, videos work well to exhibit the quality and build of the products. More complex products benefit from extended time spent explaining the various traits and specifications. Improving the perception of products in these technical industries goes a long way to explain the value behind higher price points.

Community Theater
Another benefit of video content is customer engagement. Much like blogs, viewers like to comment on videos that interest them, building loyalty and awareness for the brand. And if the videos are high quality, these visitors to your webshop might share your videos across social media, drawing even more people to your site.

Video Everywhere
With the proliferation of mobile, videos are being watched everywhere. Planes, trains, and automobiles. 3G, 4G, LTE, and WiFi. Because video content doesn’t require the viewer to scroll and click around a mobile screen, video serves as a good alternative source of information for the customer who is too busy to browse. And of course your viewers might link to videos and share them on social media.

But What Do I Put In My Videos?
This is the fun part. It’s up to you! The type of content you produce all depends on what your business is and what you offer. The main goal should be to inform and entertain your shoppers.

Product Usage
Showing the usage of a product is a simple, effective video that serves an informative purpose. If a product you sell has a variety of uses, create an entire series of videos.

Features and Benefits
Videos showing the features and benefits of your product line can take the form of either a demonstration or a series of more in-depth instructional videos on how to use specific devices. Ultimately the goal here is to clearly display what you’re selling and why it’s of interest.

About You
If you think your company needs more attention to the brand in addition to the products, why not make a video for your company? Videos can cover organization’s beginnings, bios of key employees (from CEO to engineers), and why you sell what you do. Make your own documentary!

The leap forward in streaming video technology now allows you to broadcast webinars. A webinar exhibits your expertise to all the viewers. You’re the host. Use this webinar to build community as you take comments and questions from your visitors. If you require registration for your webinars, you can also use the contact information to follow up on leads.

If you want constant communication, then offer your visitors the option to sign up for video newsletters. The right Content Management System also enables you to make these newsletter emails a bit more personalized by including information about a recipient’s past purchases or making offers relevant to their browsing or order history.

What Tone Should I Take?
You’re more likely to earn the trust of your visitor if you don’t come off like a used car salesman in your video. Instead of making your viewer feel like they are watching an advertisement, keep things entertaining and informative. It is possible to sell products while simultaneously telling a compelling story. The more customers learn about a product and company, the less confused and more confident they become about their purchase decision.

Calls To Action
A good alternative to the hard sell is to include moments in your video where a small thumbnail image or link pops-up with a call to action. The call to action can then suggest something like, “To Purchase This Item, Click Here.” In your video, make sure to explain, implicitly or explicitly, why a consumer should buy the product from you rather than a competitor.

But Can I Make A Video?
Sure, you can! In addition to the technology for computers, video hosting, and streaming getting cheaper, so is the technology for video production. HD prosumer cameras, microphones, and even home editing software have all democratized video creation. You don’t have to be a technical expert to make a video.

Other Options
If you don’t want to generate your own video or if you just want a more professional sheen, you can hire someone to do your video production. A web search will find you some production companies. Here’s another little trick: Put an advertisement up on or on the “Creative” tab under “Gigs” on Let people know what type of video you’re looking to make. Ask for a producer/director to create a video. There are tons of independent filmmakers and film students out there with access to video production equipment who are very hungry to build their reels and resumes. Many of them will work for drastically less than a production company and sometimes just for the experience.

No matter who makes your video or what type of video you choose to post, it’s the content that matters most. If you’re entertaining – comedy works well for web videos – or informative, then your videos will work towards building brand awareness and engaging your prospective customers.

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