Best Dynamicweb Cases of 2020


The coronavirus has a major impact on the business community and an enormous number of measures have been taken over the past months. Not only have many economic activities been temporarily halted, there is also less production.

Partly due to the corona virus, we have seen that digitization has become more important than ever. Fortunately, there are many companies that recognize this need and have responded smartly in both the B2B and B2C industry. Here are our three best Dynamicweb cases from the past year:

Illums Bolighus - Best Dynamicweb B2C case of 2020

Illums Bolighus is a B2C retailer with thousands of products. In a rapidly changing world with an increasing online presence and high expectations for access to online products, it is important to constantly innovate and exceed customer expectations. Illums Bolighus regularly organizes online shopping nights for their club members, but failed to meet customer expectations, resulting in lost revenue. On such days, the website traffic was massive, which the servers could not handle. For example, in the old solution there was a queue system, which was not optimal and had a negative effect.

Norriq created a scalable solution for Illums including Cloudflare Caching, making the shopping experience faster and products more accessible. Now Illums can meet customer expectations to quickly view and order products and they handle the increased traffic during shopping evenings faster and more efficiently.

Tuinvisie - Best Dynamicweb B2B case of 2020

Tuinvisie is a producer, importer and supplier of a wide range of garden products. They maintained two separate sites, one consumer website and one B2B portal. Changes always had to be processed twice and with a range of more than 3000 products and 300 new products per year, this was a hugely time-consuming process. In addition, it was not possible for the customer to see his specific prices.

Innovadis has ensured that Tuinvisie now has both a website and a portal in one environment, which is linked to their PIM and ERP systems. In the portal, all customers have access to their own prices and discounts and thanks to the link with the PIM solution, these are automatically filled with product details. The assortment no longer has to be maintained manually in two separate CMS’s, which minimizes the chance of errors.

"The combination of Dynamicweb, PIM and ERP with Innovadis as our implementation partner has proven to be the perfect solution for our growing organization." - Manon Albinus, Project Manager, PIM / MDM Specialist

Legostore - Winner Dynamicweb Choice Award 2020

Egilsson is a company that runs a Lego store in addition to a large office and furniture store in Iceland. They wanted to make their Lego products available to everyone in Iceland and to meet the growing demand. At the same time that they were looking for a webshop solution for their Lego products, they were also in the process of switching from AX to LS Retail NAV, which meant that the webshop of their office and furniture store A4 also had to be replaced.

Advania decided to use Dynamicweb Rapido 3.2 for the new solution, with which the design could easily be adjusted, and most of the functionalities were already present in the platform. Product information is now synchronized directly from LS Retail and all orders are automatically processed via LS Retail. Shortly before Black Friday, the new webshop went live and in the first week this already resulted in hundreds of orders!

Start an integrated webshop in no time!

Due to the fact that e-commerce is gaining momentum, because the demand for the fast delivery of a webshop solution is increasing and because companies do not want to invest time and money in a project lasting months, Dynamicweb has developed the Turnkey E-commerce Solution.

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